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Crime Analysis

What is Crime Analysis? The Crime Analysis Unit supports the Surprise Police Department operations by identifying evolving or existing crime patterns or series, forecasting future crime occurrences, initiating investigative leads, providing support data to community policing and crime prevention programs, assisting in the case clearance processes, and supplying information to manage, allocate, and deploy resources so that criminal activities can be stopped.

The Crime Analysis Unit is tasked with doing three types of analysis:
  • Administrative
  • Strategic
  • Tactical
Administrative Crime Analysis involves long-range projects. Tasks include providing economic, geographic and law enforcement information to police management, city hall, city council, and neighborhood/citizen groups. Its purpose is financial, organizational, political, and legislative. It is critical to budget, personnel, public information, and legal issues.

Strategic Crime Analysis is concerned with operational strategies and seeks solutions to ongoing problems. It provides information for resource allocation purposes, including patrol scheduling and beat configuration. Its purpose is to identify unusual crime activities over certain levels or at different seasonal times, identify unusual community conditions, provide police service more effectively and efficiently by matching demands for service with service delivery, reduce and/or eliminate recurring problems, and assist in community policing or problem-oriented policing.

Tactical Crime Analysis deals with immediate criminal offenses to promote quick response. It provides information to assist operational personnel in the identification of specific crime trends and in the arrest of criminal offenders. The primary goal is to identify crime trends and patterns/series. Tactical information links offender and modus operandi information from a number of offense in an attempt to provide investigative leads, help solve crimes, and clear cases after apprehension and arrests.