Pay Your Stormwater Utility Bill
This applies to commercial customers only

Cleaner Living, Cleaner Water

The City is working to raise awareness about how residents can help keep our stormwater clean and what the dangers of polluted stormwater are.

Take a look at the resources below to learn more about how you can help!

Cleaner living, Cleaner Water PSA video

Clean Water video
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Flooded Basins
Understanding Stormwater
Pesticides Stormwater
Oil Drippings Stormwater
Monsoon Begins
Pet Waste Stormwater
Stormwater Campaign
Trash and Litter
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Stormwater Basins - After the Rain Stay Out, Stay Safe - A Health Concern

Maricopa County Environmental Services Department Stormwater Quality Program has issued a health concern brochure to alert citizens of the dangers of using retention/detention ponds as recreational waters after a storm.

Surface water pollution is a continuing problem throughout the United States. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the 1996 National Water Quality Inventory indicated that approximately 40 percent of surveyed U.S. surface waters did not meet water quality standards.  Polluted storm water runoff is believed to be one of the leading sources of this contamination.

Storm water runoff in our city is largely transported through streets and open channels directly to our community retention basins, city parks, washes and nearby rivers.  This UNTREATED storm water runoff adds contaminants to our lakes, washes and rivers; and generally re-enters the water supply through ground water recharge.

In order to address problems caused by storm water runoff, the City of Surprise is providing information on ways of reducing storm water pollution.  This information includes best management practices (BMPs) fact sheets and details other requirements for construction sites and post-construction developments.