Surprise PD UAS Purchase Information & Public Comment

To increase the level of service provided to the community, and support the mission of building a safer Surprise, YOUR Surprise Police Department is considering the purchase and operation of unmanned aerial systems (UAS) to assist in traffic collision and crime scene reconstruction, critical incidents, search and rescue missions, and special event security.

The UAS equipment would be a multi-rotor type device ranging from a single propeller up to 8+ remote operated, with photo and videography capabilities, live feed, and night vision (Forward Looking Infra-Red (FLIR).The vehicles are battery powered; each battery provides an estimated 30-40 minutes of flight time. The system also includes software that tracks all of the details of the unmanned aerial vehicle deployments, this allows for the department to maintain oversight and accountability on all uses of the equipment.

A UAS program would be required to operate within Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) guidelines which provide limitations on when, where, and how the system is operated. Some of the restrictions include limiting the vehicle to a max altitude of 400 feet, prohibiting deployments or operation from a moving vehicle, and requiring that the pilot maintain a line of sight with the vehicle at all times.

For more information about the proposed use of UAS equipment, please view the December 18, 2018 Council presentation.

An important part of the development of this program is feedback from our community. As such, YOUR Surprise Police Department invites you to share your comments on the city’s consideration of using UAS during this 30-day comment period. Submitted comments will be considered when taking action on whether to purchase a UAS.

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UAS Details

Manufacturer: A specific unit has not been identified at this time

Approximate Size: Multi-rotor aircraft, approx. 16” sq. x14”

Maximum Flight Height: 400 ft; UAS must stay within mission/pilot line of sight

Cost: Including equipment (multiple units), training, etc., the approximate cost is estimated to be $65,000. The UAS will not be purchased using monies from the General Fund. If approved, the UAS’ will be funded by the police department asset forfeiture account.