Property Tax Costs

Property taxes are determined by your property’s assessed value, not the market value. Surprise has a current primary property tax rate of $0.7591 per $100 of assessed property valuation. The voter-approved 2017 GO Bond created a secondary property tax that will be used fund 10 capital improvement projects. Any secondary property tax collections are required to be used to pay off the bond debt(s).
The cost to a property owner in Surprise is estimated at less than $46 a year for a maximum of 22 years on a home with $100,000 in Limited Property Value (LPV).

Follow These Steps To Determine The Property Tax For Your Home:
  1. Visit  
  2. Enter property address in search box, and click on parcel number for details
  3. Scroll down to Valuation Information
  4. Find the “Assessed LPV”
  5. Divide “Assessed LPV” dollar amount by 100, then multiply that number by the $0.4574 rate

Property Tax Example