Drive Wise, Surprise

Drive Wise Surprise Campaign
Surprise is a Hands-Free Phone Zone! 
Driving and using mobile devices that are not operating in a hands-free mode, is illegal within Surprise city limits. Learn more
In recent years, traffic accidents in our city have increased by 8-10 percent amid a growing population. The “Drive Wise, Surprise” campaign is designed to create a culture of safe driving in Surprise, whether you are a resident or a visitor driving through the city.

The campaign uses play on words and bright, creative imagery to deploy the safety reminders, but the intention behind it is more serious.

When you are practicing good driving habits, you are helping to make the road safer for everyone!
Drive Wise Tailgating Sign
Drive Wise No-Autocorrect Sign
Drive Wise Speeding Sign
Drive Wise Share Street Sign
Drive Wise No texting Sign