Stormwater Structures

  1. Streets
  2. Drywells
  3. Culverts
  4. Retention Basin
  5. Catch Basin
  6. Street Scuppers
  7. Open Channels and Rivers
  8. Subsurface Storage Structures
  9. Storm Sewers & Headwalls


Stormwater runoff is often channeled first as it leaves individual properties and flows down our city streets. Depending on how a development is designed, storm water will flow through a network of streets and ultimately discharge into a community retention basin, open channel, or river. Along the way the stormwater collects trash, debris, sediment, grease and oil. The stormwater is discharged UNTREATED into the community retention basin, open channel or rivers. Keeping streets clean by picking up trash, picking up after pets, sweeping - instead of washing - driveways and other paved areas, maintaining your yard by containerizing leaves and grass, and regularly using commercial and municipal street sweepers are actions we can take to keep pollutants from accumulating on our streets and entering the stormwater system.