Bulk Trash Information

Call 623.222.1900 to schedule a bulk trash appointment.

The City of Surprise offers bulk trash and appliance removal services to residents that are serviced by the City’s Solid Waste Department. Acceptable bulk trash items are household items and yard debris. The bulk crew cannot pick up appliances (without a scheduled appointment), dirt, rocks, concrete, concrete blocks, bricks, roofing materials, batteries or hazardous materials.

Appliances can be removed with a scheduled appointment. Appliances include: stove, washer, dryer, refrigerator, trash compactor, air conditioner, and empty water heaters. There is a charge of $20 per pick up that will be on the next city utility bill. Call customer service at 623.222.1900 to schedule your appliance pick up.

There is a limit of 10 cubic yards per pickup per household and a limit of 20 cubic yards per year, at no additional charge to the resident. Residents do not need to be home when bulk items are picked up. Bulk items need to be set out before 6:00 a.m. on collection day. For reference, one cubic yard is about the size of one washer or one dryer.

Bulk items should not exceed the maximum collection size of 10 cubic yards (approx. 6’ long x 4’ wide x 4’ tall)

Where do I place my bulk trash?

Materials must be placed in the street up against the curb (gutter) in front of your property. Where there is no curb, material must be placed at the edge of the street. Bulk trash CANNOT be placed on the sidewalk or on private property.

example image of correct bulk trash placement on street

Bulk trash can be placed out for collection the weekend prior to scheduled collection date.

Do not place pile within ten feet (10’) of any fixed object or in any manner which would interfere with pedestrians, bicyclists, motorists, or fire hydrants.

Bulk trash cannot be placed on arterial roads (i.e. high capacity roads like Bell Road or Litchfield Road) or collector roads (i.e. moderate-capacity roads that are designed to create access into neighborhoods); instead, trash must be placed in an alternative location such as the resident’s property in which case a “Release of Liability” form must be signed prior to pick up.

PDF File Opens in new windowDownload the Bulk Trash Liability Waiver

Remember this when arranging your Bulk Collection:

  • Neatly stack bulk items in the street up against the curb. Do not place items on the sidewalk or private property.
  • All empty cardboard must be broken down and stacked neatly.
  • Large quantities of small items such as clothing, toys, or other debris should be bagged. Small quantities can go into your trash can. Small amounts of vegetation or yard debris can also be bagged and tied and placed in your trash can.
  • Keep your bulk waste at least ten feet from any object like a pole, car or a fence.
  • Tree branches and large items need to be cut down to four foot sections.
  • Large quantities of loose grass, leaves and other small yard debris must be bagged or boxed. Loose leaves, grass and other small yard debris will not be collected.
  • Construction or demolition debris of less than 25 pounds or less than four feet in length will be accepted.
  • Cacti must be placed in sturdy cardboard boxes.
  • Service will not be provided if bulk trash is improperly placed, deemed unsafe to collect or contains unacceptable items.

These items are not acceptable:

  • No household garbage (food waste)
  • Branches and brush larger than four foot in length – cut them into smaller pieces.
  • Any construction or demolition debris 25 pounds and over, longer than four feet, or any debris from a contractor. Call a private hauler for collection of this material.
  • Dirt, rocks, concrete, concrete blocks, bricks, and roofing materials. Call a private hauler for collection of this material.
  • Any metal or car parts in excess of 25 pounds or longer than four feet.
  • Any glass, e.g., windows, shower doors, or mirrors.
  • Batteries or hazardous materials – hold these for the special spring and fall Household Hazardous Waste Collection Events
  • Tires