Ambulance Service

Ambulance Service

Guiding Principles

Read our Emergency Medical Services Guiding Principles. Surprise Fire-Medical launched its own ambulance service in November 2015. Residents can now count on a two-tiered emergency transportation system, with Rural Metro continuing to partner as the city’s other ambulance service provider.

Paramedics in the City of Surprise are trained to the highest level in Arizona and strive to provide exceptional patient care and the most rapid response times possible.

The Surprise Fire-Medical Department Emergency Medical Division has compiled a list of frequently-asked questions for your convenience, or for additional information, please contact them at 623.222.5054 or

Important Information

HIPAA Policy

Veterans who are in need of assistance with VA medical bill payments can contact:

VA Medical Billing Resources
602.277.5551, extension 2254

Please be advised the Surprise Fire-Medical ambulance service rates are established and regulated by the Arizona Department of Health Services. Those established rates do not allow for any discount and so we do not offer any discount for a subscription service you may have with another ambulance service provider. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact 623.222.5054.