How does the CR Program work?

Crisis Response Program

What does the CR Unit do?

The Crisis Response Team responds to emergency scenes to provide assistance, guidance, referral and grief support to citizens during a crisis or tragedy. Here are examples of when they are called:

  • Fire Loss - Residential & Commercial
  • Drownings
  • Death Notification
  • Grief Support
  • Homicides
  • Domestic Violence
  • Fatalities
  • Suicide
  • Mental and/or Physical Abuse
  • Alternative means of transportation (based on program guidelines)

How does it work?

 CR How does it work CR Volunteers are dispatched by the Phoenix alarm room on various crisis calls. Volunteers also respond and work in partnership with all Northwest Valley fire departments and police agencies.

CR volunteers currently operate out of Fire Station 301 in Surprise. The CR volunteers have a van specifically assigned for the program to respond to crisis calls. The van has a computer utilized by the volunteers to assist them in communicating with the Phoenix alarm room prior to arriving to the crisis scene. The computer also assists them in finding their dispatched destination.

While on scene, CR volunteers assist with providing emotional support, social service resource information, make phone calls to friends, family, insurance companies, and the Red Cross if needed.

CR volunteers also assist with providing water, snacks, blankets etc. to people involved in a crisis situation as needed.