It's the Law!

Barking Dogs

Many pet owners are not aware that their pet is causing a disturbance when they are not home. Be a responsible pet owner.

The Animal Care and Control Unit will focus on educating the pet owner on the dog's behavior and ways to change the behavior. However, if noise complaints become excessive at an address, the pet owner can face a misdemeanor criminal citation.

(City Ordinance Sec. 10-79.)

To report a barking dog, contact Surprise Police Department at

623.222.4000 or submit an online request.

Loose Animals

Be a responsible pet owner. When you are out in your community walking your dog, in your neighborhood or at city parks, all dogs must be on a leash not longer than 6 feet at all times.

(City Ordinance Sec. 10-56.)

To report a loose dog, contact Surprise Police Department at


Licensing and Vaccinations

Be a responsible pet owner. All dogs over the age of 3 months must be vaccinated and licensed with Maricopa County. The dog must display the license on a collar or harness.

(State Law A.R.S. Vaccination 11-1010); (State Law A.R.S. License must be worn 11-1102); (City Ordinance Sec. 10-24 A.)

For licensing and vaccination info, contact:

Maricopa County Rabies Animal Care and Control
2500 South 27th Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85009