Animal Care and Control

Animal Care and Control

Animal Care and Control 

The mission of the City of Surprise Police Department Animal Care and Control Unit is to build a positive relationship between the police department and pet owners throughout the city.

By educating our community and working in partnership, we can:

  • Reduce unwanted and homeless pets by spaying and neutering
  • Reduce the loose pet population
  • Reduce the nuisance of animal noise to neighbors

Quick Info

Lost Dog: Dogs are transferred to Maricopa County Animal Care and Control within 24 hours. Call Surprise PD at 623 222-4000 or visit a Maricopa County Animal Care Center.

Barking Dog: Call 623 222-4000 to have an officer respond to the noise issue or you may also submit a noise report online.

Animal Bite: Seek medical attention for all bites. Call 911 for serious bites. To report, call the Surprise PD at 623 222-4000. Click here for more information about Animal Bites.