Water Conservation Tips for HOAs

HOA Water Conservation

Conserving Water Outdoors Pays Off for Homeowners Associations

Saving water outdoors can require planning and some investment in new plants or an updated irrigation system. For HOAs, the payoff from these investments can be great. Many homeowners groups are unaware of optimum watering cycles for their landscape and give plants more water than they need. Significant water savings can be achieved by simply adjusting sprinkler timers to match plant watering needs. Savings can also be achieved by switching some or all of common landscape areas to drought tolerant and other low-water use plants. For many HOAs, landscape irrigation currently accounts for 90 percent or more of all the water used at their properties. Cutting back on irrigation cycles or moving to less water intensive plantings can thus provide an immediate reduction in water consumption and an immediate reduction in water bills.

How can my HOA reduce water usage?

We are available to help customers create a water budget plan, with an emphasis on conservation. We can be reached at 623.222.6000, or by email at conservewater@surpriseaz.gov.

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