Utility Annual Prepay Option

The prepayment program allows residential-only customers to pay in advance for their wastewater and sanitation services. By participating in this option, residential customers receive a 5% discount on wastewater and sanitation services when paying the prepay charges in a timely manner.

Residential customers selecting the annual prepay option will have the $33 annual Stormwater Utility fee included on their January statement. If you are already enrolled in this program you do not need to do anything and you will receive your annual bill in January. For those who haven’t already enrolled, the deadline for enrolling in the Annual Prepay program is December 31, 2021. To enroll, simply call our Customer Service Center at 623.222.1900. The 2022 Annual Prepay amounts will be the following:

  • Single Family Resident Wastewater - $282.49 (includes 5% discount)
  • Residential Solid Waste - $268.47 (includes 5% discount)
  • Residential Stormwater - $33

As stated in the City’s Administrative Guidelines, the entire amount of the annual pre-pay charge must be paid by the due date to be eligible for the discount. If you do not pay the entire amount of the annual pre-pay charges by the due date specified on the January bill, your account will automatically be switched from annual pre-pay to monthly billing, the 5% discount will be forfeited and a $37.50 conversion fee will be added to the customer’s account balance.

Payment plan arrangements shall not be permitted for annual pre-pay charges.

Residential customers may elect to change the billing status to monthly before mid-December (prior to the January bill), without incurring the conversion fee by contacting Customer Service Center at 623.222.1900.