Utility Annual Prepay Option

The prepayment program allows residential-only customers to pay in advance for their wastewater and sanitation services. By participating in this option, residential customers receive a 5% discount on wastewater and sanitation services when paying the prepay charges in a timely manner. 

Residential customers selecting the annual prepay option will have the $24 annual Stormwater Utility fee included on their January statement.

As stated in the City’s Administrative Guidelines, the entire amount of the customer annual pre-pay charge must be paid by the due date to be eligible for the discount. If a customer does not pay the entire amount of the annual pre-pay charges by the due date specified on the January bill, the account will automatically be switched from annual pre-pay to monthly billing, and a $75 conversion fee will be added to the customer’s account balance.

Payment plan arrangements shall not be permitted for annual pre-pay charges.

Residential customers may elect to change the billing status to monthly before mid-December (prior to the January bill), without incurring the conversion fee by contacting Customer Service Center at 623.222.1900.