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Solar Surprise- solar permit fees waived

As part of an ongoing commitment to sustainability, the Surprise city council unanimously approved an ordinance that waives all permitting fees for residents and businesses that adopt solar technology.

The waiver applies to residential or commercial installation of solar photovoltaic or solar thermal systems. This action comes on the heels of Surprise being named a "Greening Greater Phoenix Community," by the Greater Phoenix Economic Council.

Waiving the fees reduces the overall cost of installing photovoltaic systems by $275. Photovoltaic systems include typical solar collection panels that are used to generate electricity in a home or business. Thermal systems include technology used in large generating facilities.

Surprise is a proud member of the Greater Phoenix Economic Council’s "Greening Greater Phoenix Initiative," a regional effort to attract more solar and other sustainable businesses to the Valley.

Surprise was included in the Greening Greater Phoenix Initiative due to its availability of green sites, which includes a commitment to build in infill areas, and designating areas inside the community that would serve well as cluster sites for environmental employers.

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