Arts & Cultural Advisory Commission

An Arts & Cultural Advisory Commission-led grant program that assist community organizations pursuing arts and cultural events or activities that benefit City of Surprise residents is accepting applications through April 23, 2021. Get more information…

The purpose of the Arts and Cultural Advisory Commission is to encourage cultural growth in the city and to ensure that art, culture and entertainment are central elements of the quality of life for city residents. To this end, the commission will encourage the development of cultural opportunities and resources, as well as the creative, social and community benefits they provide.

The Arts and Cultural Advisory Commission members make recommendations to the city council regarding art projects, budgets and schedules. The commission also recommends to council the selection and commissioning of artists with respect to design, execution and placement of works of art for which appropriations have been made.

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For more information about the Arts & Cultural Advisory Commission, please contact Karina Caraveo at 623.222.3243 or

Commission Members
Term Expires
Margaret Lieu - Chair June 30, 2023
Deborah Welch - Vice Chair June 30, 2023
Susan deJong June 30, 2024
Kathie L. Morgan June 30, 2024
Rhiannon Miett
June 30, 2024
Jay Lickus June 30, 2023
Jo Grant June 30, 2023