Code Enforcement

Please contact City of Surprise Code Enforcement Inspectors if you notice blight-related problems in your neighborhood. Inspectors can work with property owners to bring properties into compliance and help keep Surprise the cleanest, most attractive city in the Valley!

Typical code violations:

  1. Trash and debris: Trash and debris should be placed in proper containers for disposal. To inquire about free bulk trash service, please call Public Works at 623-222-1900.
  2. Weeds: Over height weeds and grass should be trimmed to a height below 6 inches.
  3. Inoperable vehicles: Inoperable or unlicensed vehicles cannot be parked on the property or be visible from beyond the property.
  4. Graffiti: Every property owner should keep their property clear of graffiti.
  5. Improper parking of vehicles: Licensed and operable vehicles must be parked in an area designated/designed for parking and the surface must be maintained in a dust-free condition.
  6. Outside storage: Be sure personal property is stored so that it is not visible from the street, sidewalk, alley or adjoining property.
  7. Unoccupied structures: Please keep vacant properties properly secured.

How Can I Help?

Take a five minute walk around your property and look for signs of common violations. The best way to stay in compliance and be a good neighbor is to keep your property well maintained.

If you would like to report a possible violation please email us at