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Q: When is my court date?
Q: What if I cannot appear on my court date?
Q: When can I see a Judge?
Q: What should I do if a warrant has been issued for my arrest?
Q: Do I have to report a change of address?
Q: What is the difference between the Surprise City Court and the Superior Court in Surprise?
Q: Can you tell me if my license has been suspended?
Q: If I have to pay a fine, when do I need to pay it?
Q: What happens if I do not pay?
Q: Can I file for divorce at the Surprise City Court?
Q: Can I get a marriage license at the Surprise City Court?
Q: Can I take civil action against my landlord/tenant at the Surprise City Court?
Q: Where can I find information about mental health and the justice system?
Q: Where can I get information on the CDC’s temporary halt in residential eviction for nonpayment of rent?