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Q: Am I required to choose a PCP (Primary Care Physician) under my medical plan?
Q: Does my medical plan require a referral to a specialist?
Q: How do I maximize my health care benefit?
Q: Am I required to call for Pre-Authorization?
Q: How do I choose a Network Provider under my medical plan?
Q: When will my benefits be deducted from my pay?
Q: Does the City have a Wellness program?
Q: How do I obtain a mail order prescription?
Q: What is a Flexible Benefit Plan?
Q: Can I change contributions to my 457 Plan?
Q: My child is 20 years old and no longer enrolled for classes. Is he/she still covered under my insurance?
Q: When can I make changes to my plans?
Q: How do I contact the various carriers under our benefit plans?
Q: How can I minimize my out-of-pocket costs?