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Planning & Zoning Commission Public Comment Form

  1. Call to the Public
    For people wishing to address the Planning & Zoning Commission, please fill out the form below:
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  3. Please add your comment or reason for addressing the commission above.
  4. Public Meeting Rules
    Individuals wishing to address the Planning and Zoning Commission on specific terms, during public meetings or at the Call-to-the-Public segment of the public meeting shall be required to abide by the following rules:

    1. Citizens wishing to be heard will be required to fill out a Call to the Public request form and turn it into the Planning and Zoning Commission Secretary before the meeting begins.

    2. Each individual will be allowed to speak only once. Each speaker will be restricted to (3) minutes. The Chair will announce any time adjustments at the beginning of the meeting. Organized groups with one spokesperson may be allowed double time by the Chair, time permitting.

    3. Speakers will begin by providing their name and address for the record. You will be required to complete your statement prior to the commission responding. This will assure the speaker their full time. Should the speaker ask questions, the questions will be responded to following the completion of the statement and directed by the Chair.

    4. Respect the rights of the parties speaking whether you support or disagree with them. Parties failing to abide by these rules will be removed from the meeting.
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