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Crisis Response Van Ride Along Request Form

  1. Please read the following information thoroughly prior to completing the ride along request form.

    This information will inform you of the role of a rider when doing a ride along on the Crisis Response van. Additional information is provided regarding requirements to become a Crisis Response volunteer with the Surprise Fire Department.

    Information for a rider on the Crisis Response van with the Surprise Fire Department:

    • Riders must be on time for a scheduled ride along shift. The AM shift begins at 8:00am and the PM shift begins at 5:00PM.
    • All riders will report to station 301, 16750 N. Village Drive East Surprise, AZ. 85374 (west side of station).
    • Riders are to wear comfortable clothing-no shorts, skorts, dresses or skirts. Do not wear any torn clothing or any item with explicit, inappropriate logos. No open toed shoes such as sandals, flip flops, no heels or any shoe with a slippery sole are allowed. Tennis shoes are OK.
    • Riders must wear a vest provided to them when arriving to a scene during their ride along.
    • Riders must have good personal hygiene.
    • Riders must read and sign a Rider’s Release form prior to riding on the Crisis Response van.

    In order to become a Crisis Response Volunteer with the Surprise Fire Department you:

    • Must be 18 years of Age
    • High School diploma/GED
    • Valid Arizona Drivers license
    • Successful passing of a background check
    • Commitment of 16 hours minimum a month
    • Complete a City volunteer application
    • Complete an interview and be selected as a Crisis Response Volunteer
    • Attend the 30 hrs of Classroom training time and additional training in the field.

    Please answer the information below and submit to the Crisis Response Program for scheduling. Someone will contact you soon to schedule you for a ride along with the Crisis Response van.

    Thank you for your interest!

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