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Q: Is a business license required in Surprise?
Q: How can I get a business license?
Q: How much will the business license cost?
Q: How do I get information about business taxes in Arizona and Surprise?
Q: I need to set up my businesses’ accounting system – can the SBAP help?
Q: I need to decide whether to buy or lease…what should I do first?
Q: How can I find out the zoning for my type of business?
Q: Where can I find a list of available sites?
Q: I’m not an expert on leasing – can the SBAP help?
Q: I’ve signed my lease for retail/commercial space! What kind of permits do I need to get from the City?
Q: Does the City of Surprise have grants for me to start my business?
Q: Does Surprise have incentives for business development?
Q: Where can I learn more about franchising in general?
Q: I’d like to sell my product/service to the City of Surprise. What should I do?
Q: I’d like to help out startup and existing businesses in Surprise. How can I do so?
Q: What will the City look like in the future?
Q: I need to find demographics of potential locations. Where can I find this information?
Q: How can I find out what commercial businesses are coming to Surprise?
Q: What companies provide utilities in Surprise?