What are the charges for EMS transport?

The City will charge a fee of $997.05 per Advanced Life Support (ALS) transport, $888.15 per Basic Life Support (BLS) transport, $20.67 per mile traveled to the hospital.

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Q: What is EMS transport billing (fee for service), and why is the City of Surprise implementing this program?
Q: When did the City of Surprise begin billing for EMS transport?
Q: How is charging for EMS transport authorized?
Q: What are the charges for EMS transport?
Q: Doesn’t an EMS billing system amount to “double taxation?” As a property owner, I am already paying taxes that fund emergency medical services through the fire department.
Q: Why am I being billed for ambulance transport service? Isn’t the service free?
Q: How does billing work?
Q: How will insurance information be obtained?
Q: Will I have to pay for the service at the time it is provided / rendered?
Q: Will an EMS transport billing system result in higher health insurance premiums?
Q: How will my privacy be protected?
Q: I am a City resident and I do not have insurance of any kind. Will I receive a bill?
Q: If a resident has reached an insurance limit for EMS transport for the year, and additional services are required, will they get a bill for the services, or can the fee be waived?
Q: Will the billing company send uncollected transport fees to a collection agency?
Q: Will the EMS transport billing program disproportionally affect those most in need of the service – specifically the elderly, working poor, and chronically ill?
Q: Who will I call if I have a billing or insurance problem?
Q: As a citizen, if I call 911 for someone else, am I responsible for any bill resulting from an EMS transport, even if I am not the person transported?
Q: Will the ability to pay be considered when providing service? I fear that some people will delay in calling for EMS services based on their ability to pay for such services.
Q: Have other localities implemented a successful EMS transport billing (fee for service) program?
Q: If an out-of-City ambulance responds into the City and provides EMS transport, what billing policy applies?
Q: Will an EMS transport billing system result in a loss of volunteers in City of Surprise?