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12425 W. BELL ROAD, SUITE D-100





October 21, 2003

6:00 P.M.


Call to Order:

Roll call:


Chairman Ken Senft called the Regular Planning and Zoning Commission Meeting to order at 6:00 p.m. at the Surprise City Hall – 12425 West Bell Road, Suite D-100, Surprise, Arizona, 85374, on Tuesday, October 21, 2003.  Also in attendance with Chairman Ken Senft were:  Vice Chairperson Jan Blair and Commissioners Dan Morris, Tony Segarra, and Mike Woodard.  Commissioners Bob Gonzales and Randy Nachtigall were absent.


Staff Present:


City Attorney, Jeff Blilie; Community and Economic Development Director, Phil Testa; Planning Manager, Scott Phillips; Planner, James Atkins.


·        Approval of Planning and Zoning Meeting minutes of October 7, 2003 


Woodard made a motion to approve the October 7, 2003, minutes.  Segarra seconded the motion.  5 yes votes.  2 absent (Gonzales and Nachtigall).  Motion carried.     
















l        PP03-157 – Consideration and Action – Preliminary Plat – Sarah Ann Ranch


Planner Atkins gave the presentation, specifically noting the citrus tree buffer, the linear park, lots fronting on open space for natural surveillance, and that the preliminary plat is fully compliant with the PAD.


General discussion took place regarding water retention areas; the crossover and trail system; issue with longer block lanes; orientation of the homes not incorporating view of the White Tanks; how this decision works with the Planning and Design Guidelines; measures taken to avoid garage dominance architecture; the ‘football’ shaped landscape median with decorative paving and traffic calming measures; clarification of narrative regarding “clear view of the White Tank Mountains”; corner lot dimensions; setbacks; HOA responsibilities; dedication of the school site; Waddell to Cactus; and width of 175th Ave.


Planner, Atkins, responded to several of the issues addressed by the commission.  The courts and play area will be set up above the retention line and the open space to the south is the retention area; how the specific and, at times, repeated details of the staff report were to make a point about how the site adhered to the Planning and Design Guidelines; that the collector street runs east/west, providing a clear view of the White Tanks;


The applicant, Dave McGuire, addressed the commission.  He is proud of his product and how it embodies a lot of what is asked of by the Planning and Design Guidelines.  The development saved the citrus trees – a young grove, drip irrigated, providing a great buffer and a great transition to the area.  The design is purposefully careful about wall placement and wall design – wanting to keep an open feel to the area.  The north/south orientation is what the buyer wants.  Wanting to work with that fact while maximizing the distance view of the White Tanks, the roadways were designed to provide view corridors of the mountains.  Thought this as the best way to achieve guidelines goal.  Also worked to make an attractive and safe site for pedestrian usage, utilizing traffic calming material. 


Issues with sidewalks and corner lots were discussed and staff maintained dimensions were appropriate for usage and the city’s desire to minimize garage dominance, citing some conflict between old and new requirements, but assured the commission that these product elements meet the intent of the Planning and Design Guidelines.

Planning Manager, Phillips, noted that the donated school site counts in the amount of open space (23%) the project got credit for; without the school site is 18%.


The discussion turned to HOAs and their responsibility to the development.  CCRs will have to be crafted carefully to provide for maintenance of grove areas. City Attorney, Blilie, noted that the city doesn’t have any involvement with CCRs.   The hope is each development will have a continued vested interest in enforcing CCRs.


Regarding the width of 175th Ave – dimensions include a 14 ft. median and two twenty-foot traffic lanes, including a bike lane. 


There were no public comments.


n                 Stipulations as follows: m (amended) – The applicant shall have entered into a development agreement with the City prior to the City Council reviewing this Preliminary Plat; n (added) – The applicant shall insure that all corner lots are fully compliant with the requirements of the Design List B (Engineering), list number B; o (added) - The cross section, as depicted for Waddell Road, shall be amended to conform with the major arterial cross sections contained in the Planning and Design Guidelines.  Waddell needs to be constructed to meet major arterial standards; and p (added) - Pavement within the “football” shall be constructed with a traffic calming material.


Blair made a motion to recommend approval of Application PP03-157, subject to stipulations a – p (with stipulations m amended, and n, o, p added), attached hereto as Exhibit A.  Segarra seconded the motion.  5 yes votes.  2 absent (Gonzales and Nachtigall).  Motion approved.





There were no public comments.




Chairperson and Commissioners:  Chairperson Senft noted that the commissioners would be meeting, regarding the GPA hearings, on November 12th and the 18th, in addition to the regularly scheduled commission meeting on November 4th.  Details of the GPA public hearings were emailed to the commission.


Commissioner Senft requested that all commissioners be made members of the APA.


Commissioner Senft handed out copies of Planning and Zoning Report.  He advised the members that this report is due on the third Wednesday of the month and that he will be providing them with this report and asked that any comments be forwarded to him by the 2nd Wednesday of the month so they can be incorporated into the report.


The commission welcomed the City’s newest addition to the legal department, Attorney Carla Bastien.  She will be sitting in on the Planning and Zoning Commission meetings.


The commission extended their congratulations to James Atkins for the APA award he received for the Home Product Design Guidelines.


Community and Economic Development Director: Director, Testa, passed out a pamphlet from the AZ Dept. of Commerce for the 2003 Annual Boards and Commissions Conference scheduled to take place on Friday, December 5, 2003.  He would like to encourage all commissioners to attend this conference.  He also reminded the commission of the Joint Workshop to be held on October 30th.  Although the City Council will be the presiding body, he encouraged all commissioners to plan on attending this meeting.  Director, Testa, again stressed the significant impact of the General Plan Amendments and encouraged commission to contact staff with any questions or comments.


A viewing and discussion of the video “Making Sense of Place” to take place, Wednesday, October 22nd.  The City is a co-sponsor.  The video addresses the issue of urban sprawl. The intent is to be thought provoking, introducing a philosophy for growth – overall, a good discussion to spark thought about future development in Surprise.  Anyone interested in attending is asked to RSVP.




There was no further business.  On a motion duly made and seconded, Chairperson Ken Senft declared the meeting adjourned at 7:20 P.M.



__________________________              __________________________ 

Ken Senft, Chairman                                Philip A. Testa, Director

Planning and Zoning Commission              Community and Economic Development