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12425 W. BELL ROAD, SUITE D-100





September 2, 2003

6:00 P.M.


Call to Order:

Roll call:


Chairman Ken Senft called the Regular Planning and Zoning Commission Meeting to order at 6:00 p.m. at the Surprise City Hall – 12425 West Bell Road, Suite D-100, Surprise, Arizona 85374, on Tuesday, September 2, 2003.  Also in attendance with Chairman Ken Senft were:  Vice Chairman Dan Morris and Commissioners Jan Blair, Tony Segarra, Randy Nachtigall, Mike Woodard, and Bob Gonzales.


Staff Present:


Acting City Attorney, Jeff Blilie; Planning Manager, Scott Phillips; and Planner, Andy Jochums.


·        Approval of Planning and Zoning Meeting and workshop minutes of August 19, 2003 


Commissioner Woodard noted the stips for SP03-185, Olive Garden Restaurant at Surprise Marketplace, attached to the minutes did not reflect the addition of stipulation “o” as noted in the minutes.  Staff informed the commission that this had been corrected. 


Segarra made a motion to approve the August 19, 2003, minutes.  Morris seconded the motion.  7 yes votes.  Motion carried.     











l        CUP03-199 – Consideration and Action – Conditional Use Permit – Sierra Montana Master Sign Program


Planning Manager, Phillips, gave the presentation.


General discussion took place regarding design overkill and the disjointed nature of the design.


Planning Manager, Phillips, affirmed for the commission that the character of the signage follows that approved in the PAD; that what is being brought forth for approval is the copy and materials of the signage itself.  Commissioner Woodard requested a stipulation be added addressing the maintenance, and eventual removal of, the temporary builders signs.


There were no public comments.


Blair made a motion to approve the Application CUP03-199, subject to stipulations a – h (with h added – “All temporary signs must be updated and maintained semi-annually and removed as builders close out”), attached hereto as Exhibit A.  Nachtigall seconded the motion.  5 yes votes.  2 no votes (Morris, Woodard).  Motion approved.







(Items 2, 3, and 4 were moved to the end of the agenda)



l        SP03-190 – Consideration and Action – Site Plan – Parkway Christian Church


Planner, Jochums, gave the presentation.


General discussion took place regarding regular attendance count; anticipated growth; emergency access; parking too congested at the northern most corner; type of water used in water features; developing a dust-free parking surface/grass paved system and limiting the use of asphalt; angled parking; trees offering shade in parking areas; and development of effective pedestrian pathways throughout the site.


Trent Renner, Senior Pastor, Parkway Christian Church, gave a brief presentation about how he sees the overall project and the church developing.  He stated he would be meeting with staff to discuss additional stipulations and reach the necessary agreements with any issue that exists.  They will be re-presenting this item to the Commission for approval at the September 16, 2003, commission meeting.  He was hoping to get some feedback on concerns the commissioners may have about the site plan.


Elery Brown, architect for the Parkway Christian Church, mentioned the dynamic design geared to attract and keep worshippers in the area; plenty of land; an ultimate master plan; visual icons placed at the north and south intersections; water/fire/rock themes worked throughout design; the nursery; the landscaping; the youth building.  Dynamics include the athletic fields and the planning reflects the anticipated growth of the congregation.  The parking areas are so designed to allow for a lesser trek to buildings.  The number of parking spaces is a reflection of the fact that people are not carpooling.  Otherwise, the parking area meets all the guidelines – buffer/retention around the edges.  The water feature will use potable water but landscaping will feature ‘gray’ water.  Acting City Attorney, Blilie, advised the commission that ‘gray’ water is not available to the site.  Commission voiced its concern regarding conserving water wherever possible.  Addressing the issue of angled parking: the applicant feels 90 degree parking best serves the various types of drivers, plus they feel one way drive aisles and the problems created when cars enter the ‘wrong’ drive aisle further minimize any benefit of angled parking.  Commissioner Gonzales asked to see the statistics the applicant quoted on 90 degree parking vs. angled parking.  Problems at Home Depot and WalMart cited.  Addressing the issue of the usage of asphalt:  The applicant stated that both systems, grass paved vs. asphalt, were considered.  The grass paved system was dismissed as not feasible financially or functionally – far more costly to maintain than asphalt.


Planning Manager, Phillips, addressed the commission regarding staff’s approach to this site plan.  Staff understands the growth expected when developing a mega churches/super church of this type.  If commission has concerns about the amount of asphalt, they can stipulate more landscaping and/or more pedestrian features since the scale is too large to consider something like cluster parking.  Staff would like to encourage the applicant to work to create points of interest and minimize the asphalt.


Commissioner Morris discussed the usage of ‘gray’ water and the possibility of keeping the irrigation system separate from the site water system.  The applicant acknowledged the concept was a good one and would consider it as a recommendation.


There were no public comments.


Nachtigall made a motion to continue Application SP03-190 to the September 16, 2003, meeting.  Blair seconded the motion.  7 yes votes.  Motion approved.



l        SPA03-241 – Consideration and Action – Site Plan Amendment – Safeway at Surprise Crossing Pharmacy Drive-thru


Planner, Jochums, gave the presentation.


General discussion took place regarding point of dispensing prescriptions; traffic flow; customer safety; pedestrian traffic interacting with drive up customers; stacking of vehicles at drive up; speed bumps; entrance and exit of drive up being too close to crosswalks; and the use of laser beams and/or mirrors and/or stop signs to assist in overall safety for both the driver and pedestrian using the facility.


Ed Bull, architect, described for the commission the pneumatic tube system installed by Safeway Pharmacy and how much thought went into designing the plan with specifics such as pedestrian safety and customer service foremost in mind.  He feels the site is appropriately designed, made note of how closely he worked with staff on the site plan amendment to get the idea to work within a pedestrian environment.  Studies conducted by Safeway outlined a definite need for such a service but that it will not be used that often, traffic would not be constant at the drive up.  They chose not to put the drive up in the back of the building due to it being a service area and they worked with a great deal of consideration to avoid routing any traffic past the daycare in the area.  Landscaping and short wall will discourage pedestrians trying to cut across the driveway of the drive-thru.  The applicant agrees with the idea of speed bumps.  Rick Reigel, applicant, discussed the possibility of a speed bump at the exit of drive thru.  He added that, historically, the very presence of a crosswalk would slow vehicular traffic; that visibility was a very important factor and concern in designing the site.  In an attempt to assuage the commissioner’s concerns about safety, Mr. Bull, drew parallels to the procedure and placement a drive thru bank.  He feels the project looks good, works well, and is safe; all different types of options were reviewed – that this, the plan presented to commission, was the best alternative.


Planning Manager, Phillips, pointed out the design is very similar to the set up at Lowes and Home Depot.  Suggested providing a mirror to assist in checking traffic.


There were no public comments.


Woodard made a motion to approve the Application SPA03-241, subject to stipulations a – g (with f – “Applicant shall add a speed bump at the exit from the drive-thru”; and g – “Applicant shall add a flashing light at the drive-thru exit that flashes when pedestrians are present in the pedestrian crossing area, subject to the City Engineer's approval” added), attached hereto as Exhibit B.  Gonzales seconded the motion.  4 yes votes.  3 no votes (Blair, Senft, Woodard).  Motion approved.





l        PP03-218 – Consideration and Action – Preliminary Plat – Escalante at Sun City Grand


Planning Manager, Phillips, gave the presentation on this final preplat at Sun City Grand. 


General discussion took place regarding amount of emergency access; gated entrance on Grand Ave.; and the twenty-foot emergency access easement along northern most edge that the applicant and City are in agreement on.


There were no public comments.


Blair made a motion to recommend approval of Application PP03-218, subject to stipulations a – g, attached hereto as Exhibit C.  Woodard seconded the motion.  7 yes votes.  Motion approved.



l        PP02-350– Consideration and Action – Preliminary Plat – Veramonte


Planning Manager, Phillips, gave the presentation including mention of the positive letter from Luke supporting this application and how this plat maintained integrity of design, with excellent open space and trail system throughout.


General discussion took place regarding density; traffic circles; traffic calming standards; impact fees; improvements to Litchfield Road; and note of Luke being in agreement with this project.


There were no public comments.


Blair made a motion to recommend approval of Application PP02-350, subject to stipulations a – n, attached hereto as Exhibit D.  Segarra seconded the motion.  7 yes votes.  Motion approved.



l        Nomination and Vote for Planning and Zoning Commission Vice Chair Position


Dan Morris and Jan Blair were nominated.  With a 4 to 3 vote, Jan Blair was named the Planning and Zoning Commission Vice Chairperson.  Commissioner Blair is to be sworn in at the September 16, 2003, commission meeting.



l        Consideration and Recommendation to Assign Areas of ‘Expertise’ to Commission Members


The commissioners have accepted the following assignments:


Ø      Jan Blair – Military Airports

Ø      Dan Morris – Architectural Design and Landscaping

Ø      Bob Gonzales – Traffic

Ø      Randy Nachtigall – Emergency Services

Ø      Ken Senft – CPTED

Ø      Mike Woodard – Planning and Design Guidelines


All commissioners are responsible for being familiar with the General Plan.



l        Consideration and Recommendation on a Lighting Scenario for Desert Oasis PAD


Planning Manager, Phillips, gave the presentation.  He noted the three items commission needed to consider:  1) resident concern (many have voiced strong concern about “over-lighting” the area); 2) the need for lighting in the area as development and population in area grows; and that 3) lowest level of lighting desired while providing the necessary and required level of light in the area.  This project will help define the character of the area and set a standard for the City.  Meanwhile the challenge is that the City is restricted to APS approved fixtures.  It is cost effective to work with APS.  Also, the City cannot afford to ignore how important 163rd Ave. will be as the area is developed.  Ultimately a balance is sought.  Suggested commissioners visit Cave Creek, Estrella Mountain Ranch, north Scottsdale, and/or north Phoenix to get a sense of low-level lighting.  


Commissioners agreed to meet on this item again on September 16, 2003, giving them time to research sites listed above and review the APS booklet that gives examples of lighting fixtures available.


Blair made a motion to continue this discussion item to the September 16, 2003, meeting.  Woodard seconded the motion.  7 yes votes.  Motion approved.





l        Discussion of Enforcement of a Stipulation on Application SP03-092 - Grand Avenue Professional Plaza Site Plan 


Legally, the commission cannot make approvals contingent upon removal of billboards.  Applicant was told to disregard stipulation.





There were no public comments.





Chairperson and Commissioners:  Commissioner Woodard asked for clarification about where the Arizona Department of Commerce training was scheduled to take place:  Please Note the Following:  The Arizona Department of Commerce training will take place on Tuesday, September 23rd, in the NW Regional Library conference room on the Surprise Recreation Campus at 16089 N. Bullard Ave. and will run from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM, with a light meal served just prior to the start of the meeting.


Please Note the Following: Anyone interested in attending any of the mobile workshops offered at the APA annual conference in Glendale should contact staff as soon as possible so that arrangements can be made.  Once again, the following commissioner/council members have been registered to attend the Arizona Planning Association 2003 Annual Conference taking place October 15 – 17, 2003, at the Glendale Civic Center: Jan Blair, Ken Senft, Randy Nachtigall, Dan Morris, Don Cox, Mike Woodard.


Community and Economic Development Director:  CVS completed necessary work and the C of O has been signed off on by staff.





There was no further business.  On a motion duly made and seconded, Chairperson Ken Senft declared the meeting adjourned at 9:17 P.M.



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Ken Senft, Chairman                                    Scott Phillips, Planning Manager

Planning and Zoning Commission              Community and Economic Development