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12425 W. BELL ROAD, SUITE D-100





January 21, 2003

6:00 P.M.


Call to Order:

           Roll call:


Chairman Martha Bails called the Regular Planning and Zoning Commission Meeting to order at 6:00 p.m. at the Surprise City Hall – 12425 West Bell Road, Suite D-100, Surprise, Arizona 85374, on Tuesday, January 21, 2003.  Also in attendance with Chairman Bails were: Vice Chairman Dan Morris and Commissioners Bob Gonzales, Ken Senft, Lyn Truitt, Tony Segarra, and Jan Blair.


Staff Present:


Deputy City Attorney, Jeff Blilie; Community and Economic Development Director, Phil Testa; Planners Grant Penland and Andrew Jochums.


·       Approval of Planning and Zoning Meeting Minutes of January 7, 2003 


Senft made a motion to recommend approval of January 7, 2003 minutes.  Segarra seconded the motion.  7 yes votes.  Motion carried.     












Chairperson Bails asked to move the first two items marked for discussion to the end of the agenda. 


·      Discussion and possible recommendation regarding Community Services of Arizona’s (CSA) interest in developing affordable rental units within the area of the original town site.


Community and Economic Development Director, Phil Testa introduced the CSA topic and reminded commissioners that the presentation was being given for their information ONLY – that no action was expected.


Dan Lundberg from Community Initiatives introduced CSA representative, Brian Swanton, who presented a general slideshow.  Information regarding the statewide nonprofit organization, CSA, included the range of social services the agency provides and a breakdown of funding/location possibilities.  Brian concluded his presentation with a request for a recommendation for approval of support from the commission to take with them to the City Council.


Brief discussion took place.  Members of the commission supported the ‘idea’ behind CSA providing its services to the community but were concerned about the location of the proposed project site.  Issues with the lack of water pressure and transportation were also discussed.  City Deputy Attorney, Jeff Blilie, wrote up the following motion to encapsulate the concerns of the commissioners:  "I move to recommend supporting CSA's proposal to develop affordable rental units within the Original Town Site, with the stipulation that CSA look into alternate sites other than the commercial property directly west of the Windmill Hotel."


Senft made the motion as drafted by Deputy City Attorney Blilie to recommend supporting CSA’s proposal.  Blair seconded the motion.  7 yes votes.  Motion carried.


·       SP02-300 – Consideration And Action – Site Plan– Idaho Forest Products Retail Center


Planner, Penland, gave the presentation.  He mentioned the addition of stipulation “m” addressing the use of a temporary sales trailer for a period of six months during the construction of the permanent office/sales building.


General discussion took place regarding access, height and type of surrounding wall, landscaping concerns, parking/driving surfaces, handicapped access issues, and encroachment of the pedestrian space by parked vehicles. 


In regards to the issues with the wall and the landscaping, the consensus was that the general usage in the area is considered ‘industrial’ and the site plan was sufficient as presented. 


Applicants, Rich Reithal and Jeff Giller, were present.  They specified that they have chosen an all weather type compacted driving surface cover to effectively keep down the dust, which was addressed as stipulation “o” -   "The applicant shall provide an all weather surface over the entire lumber storage area of the site." 


Vice Chair Morris was concerned that not enough space was allocated between the parking and the building to allow uninhibited pedestrian usage of the walkway.   Morris felt the bumper of the cars could encroach into this space.  Applicants agreed to move the building “back” to allow for a wider sidewalk area  – addressed as stipulation “n” – “The applicant shall shift the building in order to provide a wider sidewalk or a landscape buffer between sidewalk and building.”


The applicants also agreed to position the handicapped parking spaces closer to the entrance of the building.  This is addressed as stipulation “p” - "The applicant shall move the handicapped spaces so that they are the closest spaces to the main entrance."


Morris made a motion to recommend approval for Application SP02-300, subject to stipulations a – p, attached hereto as Exhibit A.  Blair seconded the motion.  7 yes votes.  Motion carried.





·       PP02-319 – Consideration And Action – Preliminary Plat – Durango @ Sun City Grand


Planner, Penland, gave the presentation.


General discussion took place regarding the subdivision and the fact that it borders Loop 303.  Vice Chair Morris wanted to make sure buyer was notified of this fact in the sales agreement.  This is a part of the notification process, including notification regarding Luke overflight.  Chairperson Bails wants the record to reflect that she is a resident of Sun City Grand but that she has no conflict in voting on this item.


There were no public comments.


Truitt made a motion to recommend approval for PP02-319 subject to stipulations a-h, attached hereto as Exhibit B.  Senft seconded the motion.  7 yes votes.  Motion carried.


Chairperson Bails returned to the first discussion item.


·      Discussion and possible recommendation regarding establishing standards/ guidelines on the usage of temporary buildings


General discussion took place debating the differences between temporary and modular buildings; being arbitrary or subjective on decisions; and questioning if it is possible to establish a time frame that should be allowed to operate a business out of a temporary structure, while still allowing for flexibility and necessary consideration of specific circumstances of a proposal.  The courthouse was held up as an example of how well a modular structure can and does work/look.  Agreed definitions would help the commission make their determinations on a case-by-case basis.  Definitions should be found in the updated SUDC.   


·      Discussion and possible recommendation regarding water features in landscape designs and impact on water conservation measures


Vice Chair Morris voiced his concern about restricting water features in landscaping plans.  He didn’t approve of restricting ALL water features, noting the aesthetic value for the inhabitants of the area and that such features can and should be added/designed, conscious of the water conservation issues at hand, through moderation in size and type of water used for the feature.  Before eliminating them completely, Vice Chair Morris would want to see the proof that they are indeed the monsters to water conservation that some people see them as. 


Community and Economic Development Director, Testa, suggested inviting Jim Swanson, Water Services Manager, to give a presentation that may help the commission to make educated decisions on the issue.  Chairperson Bails agreed but suggested saving it for a ‘short’ agenda to allow enough time for a thorough discussion.




There were no comments made from the public.




Chairperson and Commissioners:  Chairperson Bails will NOT be at the February 4th Planning and Zoning Commission meeting.  She wanted it noted that voting is to start with Commissioner Truitt next.  Chairperson Bails asked that all commission related calls, including absences, be made to the Planning and Zoning secretary at 623-875-4337.  An updated commissioner information list was handed out.



Community and Economic Development Director:  Director Testa wanted to thank all the Planning and Zoning Commission members for turning out for and participating in the joint workshop held on the Luke Compatibility Report.




There was no further business.  On a motion duly made and seconded.    Chairperson Bails declared the meeting adjourned at 7:30 P.M.



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Martha G. Bails, Chairman                        Philip A. Testa, Director

           Planning & Zoning Commission            Community Development