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Community & Recreation Services



February 17, 2009 / 6:30 PM

Surprise Community and Recreation Services

15960 N Bullard



CALL TO ORDER: delayed until quorum achieved at 6:40pm

A.     Roll Call

·         CRS Advisory Board: Wayne Turner-Chairman, Ron Jensen Vice-Chair, Lou Provenzano, Mary Lou Youngblood, Mike Hawkins, Mike Brown

·         Teen Advisory Board Ex-Officio Member: None Present

·         CRS Dept.: Mark Coronado-Director, Melissa Miller, Tara Combs, Dan Lundberg, Dana Garr                                                                   

B.     Approval of Community & Recreation Services Minutes of December 9, 2008 Meeting

·         Motion to approve the minutes of December 9, 2008

·         Motion – Mary Lou Youngblood

·         2nd – Lou Provenzano

·         Approved  - 6 approved / 0 Nays / 0 Abstentions


A.   Chairman Report – No Report

B.   Advisory Board Member Report – No Report

C.  Community & Recreation Services Staff Report

      a.  Spring Training – We are on the cusp of a record season with 33 games scheduled from February thru April because of the World Cup.  We have big expectations to fulfill with last year’s record 4 million dollar gross revenue season.  We are feeling the impact of the economy and Dodgers and Indians locating to the valley.  Ticket sales are down by 12%, but we are still tracking well.  We’re looking for a good walk-up.  Our sponsorship sales are actually up which is unusual with a lot of others still holding billboard space, we are at 100% capacity and have gotten creative to offer additional opportunities.

b.  Fed Cup – By all accounts it was a success.  We had the President of USTA here who brought with her tremendous influence.  The Tennis facility was applauded as being state-of-the art and well thought of.  FedCup said that with all of their experiences abroad; in Europe, South America, the United States and Canada, that they would rate this in the Top 10.  Additionally, they would like to discuss the possibility of expanding the Tennis Stadium and being a partner in that.  The Tennis facility is becoming a 12month economic driver.

c.  Sports & Recreation – We are running all programs as usual, with numbers down approximately 10%.  Scholarship requests have increased 17-20% and staff has been doing their best to not say no to anyone.  We are gearing up for summer programs as well.  SIC is doing well and we are not losing there with participation numbers flat.

d. Financials – As we move into the seventh month, we are tracking overall revenues and expenditures at about 55% so we are right on track and feel we will meet the City Manager’s expectations.

Comments – Marylou Youngblood commented that FedCup was a top notch event and questioned what others besides CTCA will be coming that will be revenue generating for the City?  Mr. Coronado shared that the Tennis complex does not go unused on weekends and during good weather.  The Women’s Pro Circuit is also being held this month, Seniors will be coming with about 400-500 participants, the collegiate nationals and for 2010 we are negotiating an equal type of event.  USTA comes to us about a year out and plans their events in two year cycles.  Our challenge is to make crucial decisions about the economic impact of these events which you will see during the budget update portion of tonight’s meeting.  The challenge is to prove to City Management and Council that we have to host the non-lucrative as well as the lucrative events to stay at the top of USTA’s list of preferred facilities.  We’re projecting the two fall events to have an economic impact of $1-1.5 million.  Our challenge as we bring people from across the country to stay for a week is a lack of an economic infrastructure.  Our surveys show that the facility is great, but there is  nothing to do and that visitors are tired of the chain establishments.  Carrabas and Paradise Bakery report that when we have an event, their business is up 15-20%.  We are talking to the USTA about a Seniors event that may impact the CTCA in that the CTCA purse is $250,000 and the event we hope to bring on would have a $1million dollar purse.  We’re happy to provide a calendar of upcoming events at the facility and can report that approximately 30-35% of the visitors are from out of town.  Ms. Youngblood shared that she noticed that when she attended these events, many people were from out of town and asked how we track event attendance and asked if tracked by zip code.  Staff shared that we track via Ticketmaster reports and economic impact surveys.  Mr. Jensen complimented staff for doing such a great job with FedCup despite being in the midst of planning for Spring Training and the budget cycle.   









Item 1 – YMCA Memorandum of Understanding                                                              Approved

Mr. Turner opened by calling to the public for comments.  None were presented.  Mr. Coronado requested this item be tabled until the next meeting due to an upcoming meeting with the City Manager, Assistant City Manager and Mr. George Scobas to discuss joint programming without duplication of services.  Motion to table until the next meeting by Ron Jensen. Seconded by Ms. Youngblood.  6 ayes/0 nays/0 abstentions. Motion carried.



Item 2 – Dysart Intergovernmental Agreement                                                                Approved

Assistant City Manager Doug Sandstrom attended this evenings meeting and was asked to overview results of a School District Governing Board meeting he recently attended in which the board was to overview and perhaps vote on modifying the IGA.  Dr. Kellis, Mr. Coronado, and Mr. Sandstrom have been striving to work towards what is best for the community.  Surprise City Council direction has been to wait until the school board is unified on their position regarding the IGA and then hold a joint meeting.  Operational issues are being worked regarding third party operations and City staff is working one-on-one with the school administration on one level and the school board on another philosophical level.  No official decision or action has been made.  Mr. Coronado overviewed the history of the IGA and the purpose of the agreement.  The City believes the issue to be about priority use and recognizing and honoring the City for the commitment we’ve made over the years.  There is a lot of work to do and the school board should be honored for recognizing that and for their continued good faith efforts.  Mark Brown commented that he served on the board for a couple of years and will need to excuse himself from voting/commenting on items related to this issue.  Mr. Turner stated his time in Surprise precedes Mark’s and that he and his family regularly participate in programs.  He wholeheartedly hopes we can work this out.  Ms. Youngblood advised it would be a great thing if we could work this out and that any future agreements need to be very cut and dry so both entities and their successors know each other’s position.  Mr. Coronado advised those were good points and that philosophies have changed over the years but the document has not.  We look to the Board bodies to come together in the best interest of the community so both thrive and we are not splintered and can streamline the agreement with clarity.  Mr. Sandstrom and Mr. Kellis will meet administratively to keep the lines of communication open.  Motion made by Ms. Youngblood to support the city management’s process regarding the renegotiation of the IGA.  5 ayes/0 nays/1 abstention (Mr. Hawkins).  Motion Carried.



Item 3 Budget Update                                                                                                         Approved

Mr. Coronado overviewed Community and Recreation Services efforts to reduce its budget by 5% for the remaining FY2009 and efforts that are being explored present a balanced budget thru FY2010.  Some creative solutions may be to bus kids from Hollyhock Pool and close the pool for the season.  Staff will bring recommendations as we move forward.  A special meeting will be called prior to any change of services.  Ms. Youngblood asked if there was any thought to decreasing aquatics salaries.  Mr. Coronado shared that we aren’t the highest or lowest paid but that it costs more money to recruit new employees than it does to pay them a livable wage and retain them.  A preferred method would be to reduce operating hours.  Ms. Youngblood asked how City Hall and the Fire stations fall under the care of CRS.  Mr. Coronado explained that long term these may transition to Public Works – especially if contracted.  However, at this time they fall under the same contractor that handles our parks and open spaces.  Mr. Jensen made a motion to approve the budget as presented.  Seconded by Ms. Youngblood.  6 ayes/0 nays/ 0 abstentions.  Motion Carried.



Item 4 Capital Improvement and General Obligation Bond Potential Projects              Approved

Mr. Coronado advised the list of projects presented to the GO Bond committee followed the guidance of the 2020 General Plan and recently adopted Parks and Recreation Master Plan for adding new inventory, maintaining and revitalizing existing inventory, and developing the infrastructure to support the inventory.  Ms. Youngblood asked if the list of potential projects was prioritized.  Mr. Coronado advised that it was not yet prioritized, but several items were cut, which reduced the overall number by $70million.  We hope the list will be prioritized after the public process.  Ms. Youngblood asked how the facilities were priced – specifically the soccer/multipurpose sports complex.  Mr. Coronado advised that it is calculated at a full build out, at total acreage price based on comparative facilities.  Mr. Provenzano, who is also a Bond Committee representative, shared that the priority will be to decide if holding a bond process is timely.  The City is visionary even in recessionary times.  Mr. Coronado shared that the Rio Vista development in Peoria was built in three phases and took a couple of runs on the bond trail and over ten years to become a reality.  These projects could take five to fifteen years as well.  Our challenge is the operating costs associated with running and maintaining once built.  Mr. Brown asked about a consolidation of certain projects.  Mr. Coronado advised this to be a final list.  However, there are many opportunities to master plan and enter into agreements and to scale back a project.  Motion made by Ms. Youngblood to accept the list of projects as presented.  Seconded by Mr. Provenzano.  6 ayes/0 nays/0 abstentions.  Motion carried.



Item 5 Accept Name of Community Park at Asante as Asante Veteran’s Memorial Park  


Mr. Coronado provided an overview of the park, its location and amenities, and history of the project.  There is an agreement in place for the development to be responsible for the landscape maintenance until 2012.  Currently, the district has a school operating and the YMCA is exploring the potential to provide services in 3-5 years.  Lennar has requested to rename the park and staff has  no objections.  Mr. Brown asked if there was a possibility to name ball fields our boulevards after particular individuals.  Mr. Coronado advised there was a lot of potential and that a dedication is scheduled in late April in time for Memorial Day. Motion to accept the name of the community park at Asante as “Asante Veterans Memorial Park” made by Ms. Youngblood.  Seconded by Mr. Jensen.  6 ayes/0 nays/0 abstentions. Motion carried.



Item 6 CRS Board Meeting Time                                                                                       Approved

Members dialoged regarding the current versus proposed meeting time.  Some have a challenge due to work obligations to make the regularly scheduled time of 6pm.  City staff advised they were here to serve and did not have a preference, however to be cognizant that a later time may minimize the public’s input due to family obligations in the evening.  Mr. Turner agreed that not inconveniencing the public needs to be a consideration.  Motion to change the regular meeting time to 6:30pm made by Ms. Youngblood.  Seconded by Mr. Brown.  6 ayes/0 nays/0 abstentions.  Motion carried. 





DISCUSSION:  The next meeting tentatively slated for April 14 at 6:30pm












Mark Coronado, Director




Dana Garr, Analyst








I, Dana Garr, Analyst for the City of Surprise Community and Recreation Services Department, Maricopa County, Arizona, do hereby verify that these are the true and correct minutes of the Recreation Advisory Board meeting held on February 17, 2009. ____________________________________

Dana Garr, Analyst








Linda Stevens, Deputy City Clerk







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