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12425 West Bell Road, Suite D-100

Surprise, Arizona 85374


May 2, 2006





Call to Order:


The Joint Planning and Zoning Commission Workshop Meeting began at 6 p.m. in the Surprise City Hall Classroom, 12425 West Bell Road, Suite D100, Surprise, Arizona 85374, on Tuesday, May 2, 2006.


Planning and Zoning Commissioners Present:


Chairman Ken Senft, Vice Chairman Randy Nachtigall, and Commissioners Jan Blair, Skip Hall, Lyn Truitt, Antonio Segarra, and Fred Watts. 


City Council Members Present: 


Mayor Joan Shafer, Vice Mayor Danny Arismendez, and Council Members Martha Bails, Cliff Elkins, Gwyn Foro, and Joe Johnson.  Council Member Gary “Doc” Sullivan was absent.


Staff Present:


Attorney Scott McCoy representing City of Surprise, Interim City Attorney Andrew McGuire, City Deputy Attorney George Riemer, Planning and Community Development Director Scott Chesney, City Planner Adam Copeland, City Planner Gary Norris, City Planner Janice See, City Planning Technician Lance Ferrell, City Planner Bart Wingard, Transportation Planner Randy Overmyer, and Planning and Zoning Commission Secretary Carol Dager.




Planning and Community Development Director Scott Chesney provided an overview of the Prasada project. 


Prasada is a large and complex project in SPA1, consisting of portions six sections of land located on either side of SR303.  The applicant is requesting annexation and rezoning which will include major commercial and residential areas.  Also anticipated are a development agreement and a community facilities district proposal. 


Director Chesney suggested that Prasada is a model for future City projects in terms of mixed uses, blended neighborhoods, and infrastructure.


Director Chesney pointed out the various portions of the Prasada project:  Lake Village, Gateway Village and Urban Village.  Lake Village is predominately residential with some commercial on the corners; Gateway Village is the retail mall and auto mall; and the Urban Village will consist of an urban residential development. 


In the Lake Village there is a larger variety of housing projects than previously seen in Surprise; what will be considered a true blended neighborhood.  He referred to the various school zones showing how they overlap each other and also noted the buffer zones, fire station sites, and worship sites.  He also talked about parks (children’s, aquatics, sports, and theme), open spaces and trail systems and how they connect throughout the project. 


In response to Councilwoman Bails, Paul Gilbert, representing applicant, explained that the school district has indicated that a high school will be located south of the Prasada project.   Director Chesney added that there has been a concerted effort to focus on the importance of the elementary and middle schools being located within walking distance within the project. 


Director Chesney discussed the buffers around the project, specifically noting the extra buffering off of Waddell Road and Cotton Lane. 


Director Chesney next talked about the Urban Village with the different categories of zoning and how it transitions into the Gateway Village or retail development.  There is an elementary school located in the middle of the Urban Village with a park at each end of the school property. 


He mentioned that the Gateway Village will include the regional shopping mall and the auto mall. 


In response to Commissioner Hall’s question regarding nonretail employment credit, Director Chesney explained that there is a proposal of an acreage credit based on the number of employees; however, it is complicated and all the details have not been worked out. 


In response to Mayor Shafer, Former City Attorney Scott McCoy explained that there have been several agreements drafted with auto mall participants; however, none have yet been finalized.


Director Chesney touched briefly on the transportation plan acknowledging Councilman Elkins concerns about the effect of the Prasada project on streets such as Reems, Waddell, Peoria, and SR303.


Chairman Senft questioned the size of the lots across from Peoria Avenue, wondering if the Prasada lots are recommended to be one acre as well to match that rural environment.       Mr. Gilbert responded that the plan is to provide a landscaped setback along Peoria Avenue instead of one-acre lots.  He added that the neighbors are supportive of this effort.


In response to Commissioner Blair, Director Chesney noted that the water in the lakes area is proposed to be provided by the City’s reclaimed water pending a development agreement.  Mr. Gilbert added that the HOAs will be responsible for the lakes area and will be required to have insurance. 



In response to Councilwoman Bails, Mr. Gilbert explained that the developer will be installing the sewer lines and the water will be supplied by Arizona American.


In response to Commissioner Truitt, Mr. Gilbert suggested that they will meet or exceed the current design guidelines. 


In response to several council members’ questions, Mr. Gilbert indicated that the employment area is the most challenging portion of the project.


In response to Commissioner Hall, Mr. Gilbert explained that the project’s timeline is not contingent on the improvements of the SR303 being completed.


There was some discussion about transportation and the applicant’s ability to provide adequate road systems to accommodate the increased traffic that will be generated by the project.  Included in the discussion was the concern for busses and bus stops. 


Councilwoman Bails voiced her concern about the school districts’ reluctance to build a high school within the project.




Pursuant to A.R.S. § 38-431.03(A)(3), the Planning and Zoning Commission may go into executive session with the City Attorney for legal advice on any item listed on the agenda.


There was no request made to call for an executive session.




Hearing no further business, the meeting of the Joint City Council and Planning and Zoning Commission of Tuesday, May 2, 2006 adjourned at 6:50 p.m.





  Scott R. Chesney, Director

  Planning & Community Development Department




 Chairman Ken Senft

 Planning and Zoning Commission