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12425 West Bell Road, Suite D-100

Surprise, Arizona 85374


May 16, 2006




Call to Order:


Chairman Ken Senft called the Regular Planning and Zoning Commission Meeting to order at 7 p.m. at the Surprise City Hall, 12425 West Bell Road, Suite D100, Surprise, Arizona 85374, on Tuesday, May 16, 2006.


Roll Call:


In attendance with Chairman Senft were Vice Chairman Randy Nachtigall and Commissioners Jan Blair, Skip Hall, Antonio Segarra, Lyn Truitt, and Fred Watts.


Staff Present:


Chris Schmaltz representing Interim City Attorney Andrew McGuire; City Deputy Attorney George Riemer; City Planner Janice See; City Planner Randall Overmyer; Planning & Community Development Director Scott Chesney; and Planning and Zoning Commission Secretary Carol Dager.


Council Members Present:  Councilman Cliff Elkins


Pledge of Allegiance:


Approval of Minutes:  The minutes of the May 2, 2006 Planning and Zoning Commission meeting were approved as submitted. 


Presentations:   Director’s Report


Planning & Community Development Director Scott Chesney emphasized the complexity and scope of the Prasada project, thus, the reason it is the only item on the agenda.  He stressed that while this is the first time for the City of Surprise to review a project of this scope, as the City grows, it is anticipated that future developments will include similar complexities.


He mentioned that the charge of the Commission is to evaluate a zoning request and send a recommendation to the City Council.  Besides that recommendation, the City Council will also be reviewing the project annexation request and a proposed development agreement, which will address specific terms as to how and when project elements will be built.  The Commission’s role is to evaluate the project as to how it fits the quality of life for the residents of Surprise and to set the tone for future projects. 





                                                              NEW BUSINESS:                                                               


·        Item 1:  PAD05-465 – Consideration and Action – Prasada


Planner Janice See presented the project to the Commission.  Staff recommends approval of PAD05-465, Prasada, subject to stipulations ‘a’ through ‘f.’


Paul Gilbert, Beus Gilbert, representing the applicant, provided information about Prasada, noting that it has been a two-year process to bring the project forward.  He pointed out that his team has conducted seven workshops with the City planners, as well as 11 meetings with the surrounding neighborhoods.   


Mr. Gilbert stated that the large majority of the property is currently in Maricopa County; however, an annexation petition has been filed.  He is also working with the City to draft a development agreement for consideration by the City Council. 


Mr. Gilbert introduced the development team, indicating that the team consists of extremely talented individuals with years of experience throughout the valley.  


Norm Nichols, President of Fulton Homes

Jack Razor and Garrett Newman from Westcor

Ray Pickett of Red Development

Ron Hilgart of CMX

Michele Myers of Kimley Horn


Mr. Gilbert emphasized that this project is in full compliance with the General Plan.  He briefly mentioned a number of significant issues that the team faced throughout the process; such as, water, sewer, drainage and infrastructure.  He added that all these issues have been worked on and are currently under control. 


Mr. Gilbert next discussed the various developments within the project.  First was the Prasada Lake Village which is a community centered around lakes and parks (children’s, theme, aquatic and sports).  Unique to this area will be the blended neighborhood concept. 


Mr. Gilbert noted the importance of schools, pointing out that the number of schools requested by the school district has been provided and will serve beyond the borders of the project.  The school sites are each approximately 17 acres and accommodate approximately 1,100 students per school. 


Next, Mr. Gilbert talked about the Urban Village located on 530 acres on the eastern border which provides a mixed-use component with a transition into the retail and employment corridor.  It is complimentary to Marley Park which is directly across Reems Road.   A school flanked by two parks is found in the center of the Urban Village, with a residential area transitioning into the regional mall. 


Mr. Gilbert suggested that the heart of the project is the Gateway Village where the focus is to create a regional shopping mall on 1,225 acres.   Economically, this area is important to the City, potentially bringing substantial sales tax revenue.  West of SR303 is a proposed auto mall.  He also commented that they are negotiating with a well-known medical group to provide a hospital on a 45-acre site north of the auto mall, which will bring other medical office facilities to the area. 


Mr. Gilbert next talked about transportation, noting that a traffic report was prepared by Kimley Horn and emphasized that they are making the suggested improvements to the roadways indicated in the report. 


In summary, Mr. Gilbert mentioned the connectivity throughout the project, consistent with the City’s trail plan and noted that they are in compliance with Luke Air Force requirements.


In response to Commissioner Truitt, Mr. Gilbert replied that the school district did not require a high school within this project; however, this development team will be working with the school district in connection with a high school in the area immediately south of Peoria Avenue.


Commissioner Truitt commented on the lakes project and the importance of the reclaimed water process.   


In response to Commissioner Truitt regarding the timing of the project, Mr. Gilbert mentioned that the Lake Village area will start construction in 2007.  The power center in the southern portion of the project will be on the same schedule as the residential piece.  He added that they do not have a construction schedule for the regional mall; however, the auto mall is projected to begin construction shortly after the commencement of the residential area.  He stressed that the improvements to SR303 are not a prerequisite for the regional or auto mall to begin construction. 


Commissioner Truitt emphasized that they did not want this project to take so long that it polarizes the City for other retail opportunities.   Director Chesney explained that the performance terms are currently being negotiated through the development agreement. 


Commissioner Hall commended the team on their community outreach efforts. 


In response to Commissioner Segarra, Mr. Gilbert explained that they are looking for a CFD to assist with some financing.  Director Chesney mentioned that the development standards in the PAD, once adopted, become the City’s standards that guide the design of the project.  He pointed out  that new height standards have been designed in this PAD which is identified in the staff report.  A Planning staff member will have a seat on the Prasada design review committee.


Commissioner Watts complimented the team on the balance of residential, commercial and employment provided in this project. 


In response to Commissioner Blair, Mr. Gilbert replied that the annexation process can extend for one year.  They have already filed for the annexation and are waiting for City Council approval and the signing of the paperwork. 


Chairman Senft opened the meeting for public comment. 


Scott Phillips, Phoenix resident, voiced his concerns:

§       Density

§       Schools – no high school in that particular area

§       Employment – SR303 last viable place for employment

§       Vision – dual downtown area for the city


Darcy Douglas, Surprise resident, voiced her concerns:

§       Is this the only proposal for the area?

§       Seems so compacted.

§       Caution the approval of the land usage.


Tom Tickenoff, Surprise resident (Northwest Ranch), voiced his concerns:

§       Buffer zone of 30 feet unacceptable.


Kate Tickenoff, Surprise resident (Northwest Ranch), voiced her concerns:

§       Very little said about the development other than the shopping center.

§       Not excited about retail across the street from her property.

§       Presented a signed petition from members of the Northwest Ranch HOA:

·     Request at least a 30’ landscaping buffer.

·     Consider the portion of property bordering Greenway, Legacy Parc, and the LDS Church to be a transition from residential to commercial.

·     Consider some single-family homes to be built in the immediate area.

·     Request that the City reevaluate the height in this area and that the height start with one-story buildings if commercial/employment areas be included in this property.


George Quinn, Surprise resident, voiced his concerns:

§       Greenway Road already looks like a race track.

§       Median proposed for Greenway Road would restrict access from Northwest Ranch.

§       Greenway Road as currently constructed will not handle the traffic.

§       30’ is not much of a buffer zone; some walls would be better.


Steve Erickson, Surprise resident, read a two-page letter voicing his concerns: 

§       Misinformed by his builder about the development west of Sarival Avenue between Waddell Road and Greenway Road when house was purchased.

§       Widening of Sarival Avenue to a six-lane arterial street.

§       Traffic report projections are disturbing for Sarival; current count is 2,593 vehicles; projected count upon completion of Prasada is 42,600 vehicles.

§       Request consideration of rerouting Sarival to the west between Waddell and Greenway Roads, similar to the rerouting of Sarival to the east between Waddell and Cactus Roads.

§       Request consideration of restricting the proposed professional commercial use structures in the first section to the west of Sarival, Area 12 on the project location map, to be single-story structures in clusters similar to the development north of Arrowhead Mall on 79th Avenue.



James Truman, Waddell resident, voiced his concerns:

§       Light pollution and contamination.

§       Consideration of using shielding on lights to help eliminate light pollution.


Bob Carlisle, Surprise resident, voiced his concerns:

§       Ongoing fight with City of Surprise regarding Waddell Road.

§       Subsidence.

§       Development will have a major impact on lifestyle.

§       People run stop signs and do not pay attention to traffic signals or posted speed limits.

§       Need to concentrate on Bell Road.


Danielle Persons, Waddell resident, voiced her concerns:

§       Peoria will become a four-lane road; currently a dirt road.

§       Her property goes into the middle of Peoria Avenue.

§       Impeding her property.


Hearing no further comments from the public, Chairman Senft closed the public hearing.


Mr. Gilbert addressed some of the concerns, first pointing out that a portion of this specific project has always been shown in the General Plan as an employment retail area.  He mentioned that the widening of Greenway Road will be absorbed on the south side by the developer; however, the planting of tall trees along Greenway in front of the retail project is not a consideration. 


Director Chesney noted that a rigorous administrative review process is in place where the community development office has oversight regarding the quality and performance of the standards. 


Commissioner Truitt asked for a better explanation of the redevelopment of Greenway Road.  Mr. Gilbert directed him to the exhibit previous to page 31 of the PAD document which shows the major arterial and 24’ median.  There was some discussion about the setbacks and the drainage areas.


Mr. Gilbert continued to address some additional issues raised by the public.  He mentioned that the development is below the density requested.  However, other than the density concern, the City is interested in executive housing, which the Lake Village project will provide.  He emphasized that it is the school district’s decision as to where the schools are built and this project is in compliance with the district’s wishes. 


Regarding the lighting issues, Director Chesney explained that the staff is currently working on improved lighting standards for the City. 


Michele Meyer, Kimley Horn, traffic engineer, noted that they are currently designing the master street plans for this area.  She explained that full access to Northwest Ranch will be available.


Chairman Senft noted that he feels that Prasada is a good project for the city.


Commissioner Hall made a motion to approve PAD05-465, Prasada, subject to stipulations ‘a’ through ‘f.’  Commissioner Segarra seconded the motion.  The motion passed with a vote of 7 ayes.


                                                      OPEN CALL TO PUBLIC:                                                     


Chairman Senft called to the public to discuss any issues not noted on the agenda.  Hearing no comments from the public, Chairman Senft closed the public hearing.


                                                  CURRENT EVENTS REPORT:                                                


Commissioner Truitt spoke briefly about Victoria Gardens in Southern California; very impressed with this outdoor mall and all its amenities.


Chairman Senft reminded the Commissioners of some upcoming events: 


Decision Theatre at ASU on May 23, 2006

Mayor’s Appreciation Dinner on May 31, 2006




Pursuant to A.R.S. § 38-431.03(A)(3), the Planning and Zoning Commission may go into executive session with the City Attorney for legal advice on any item listed on the agenda.


No request was made to call for an executive session.




Hearing no further business, Chairman Ken Senft adjourned the regular Planning and Zoning Commission meeting, Tuesday, May 16, 2006 at 9:03 p.m.





Scott R. Chesney, Director

Planning & Community Development Department





Chairman Ken Senft

Planning and Zoning Commission