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12425 West Bell Road, Suite D-100

Surprise, Arizona 85374


February 21, 2006




Call to Order:


The Planning and Zoning Commission Workshop Meeting began at 6 p.m. at the in the Surprise City Hall Classroom, 12425 West Bell Road, Suite D100, Surprise, Arizona 85374, on Tuesday, February 21, 2006.


Roll Call:


In attendance with Chairman Ken Senft were Commissioners Jan Blair, Skip Hall, Lyn Truitt, Antonio Segarra, and Fred Watts.   Vice Chairman Randy Nachtigall was absent.


Staff Present:


Assistant City Manager Kathy Rice; Interim Community Development Director Scott Chesney; City Planner Adam Copeland; City Planner Gary Norris; and Planning and Zoning Commission Secretary Carol Dager.


Council Members Present:  None




James E. Swanson, Water Services Manager, presented a brief overview of the City’s water services. 


Following is an outline of topics discussed:


Drinking water


S        Approximately 12,400 customers.

S        The water the customers drink comes from wells which pump groundwater from a depth of 1,000 to 1,500 feet below the land surface

S        The depth to water (water table) is 350 feet below the land surface.

S        The drinking water is treated, by adding chlorine, and delivered to you the customer.  In the future this will include Arsenic treatment. 

S        The State requires all water providers have an assured water supply and replenish all groundwater usage.




S        Approximately 38,100 customers.

S        The City’s wastewater service area is greater than its water service area.



Reclaimed Water


S        The wastewater produced at the City’s Water Reclamation Facilities is further treated to produce reclaimed water.

S        The City’s reclaimed water is currently discharged to its recharge facilities and to users for direct use.

S        It takes about 9 months for the water to reach the water table (remember, the water table is 350 feet below the land surface)


Master Plans


S        Infrastructure Master Plan

S        Water Resources Master Plan


Water Conservation Program


Education and Outreach


S        Local

         City events, expos, clubs, schools, Channel 11, Surprise Progress

S        Regional

         Water - Use It Wisely

         Partnering with Home Depot and Lowe’s (April 2005)

S        National

         1,000 4th Graders attended the National Project WET Conservation Festival at the Surprise Recreation Campus


Water Conservation Message and Emerging Technology


Conservation Message


S        Every Drop Counts

S        3,400 gallons annually for pool backwash water  (42,000,000 gallons annually)

S        1,500 gallons every 10 years for pool maintenance refill (1,500,000 gallons annually)

S        4,000 gallons annually for a low water use front load washer (40,000,000 gallons annually)

S        Total annual savings of 83,500,000 gallons (enough for 620 single family homes)

S        The above items do not change our quality of life but only better use our limited resources



Emerging Water Conservation Technology


S        Dual Flush Toilets (0.8 and 1.6 gallons per flush)

S        Waterless urinals

S        High efficiency washers

S        Sprinkler heads

S        Soil moisture probes

S        Hot water recirculation pumps

S        Under-sink water heaters

S        Artificial turf


Water Conservation


S        There are many ways to approach water conservation and still maintain our quality of life.

S        Water Conservation efforts should focus on areas where we might be wasting water and include impacts on the quality of life.

S        Dual water system

         Drinking water and reclaimed water

S        Water Conservation Ordinance

         Water conservation devices and methods

         Water wasting



                          CONSIDERATION AND ACTION TO HOLD AN EXECUTIVE SESSION:                         


Pursuant to A.R.S. § 38-431.03(A)(3), the Planning and Zoning Commission may go into executive session with the City Attorney for legal advice on any item listed on the agenda.


There was no request made to call for an executive session.




Hearing no further business, Chairman Senft adjourned the Planning and Zoning Commission workshop meeting of Tuesday, February 21, 2006 at 6:58 p.m.





  Scott R. Chesney, Interim Director

  Community Development Department



Chairman Ken Senft

Planning and Zoning Commission