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12425 W. BELL ROAD, SUITE D-100
June 19, 2001
7:00 P.M.


Vice Chairman Bails called the meeting to order at 7:00 P.M.


MEMBERS PRESENT: Vice Chairman Martha Bails, Commissioner Ken Senft, Commissioner Bob Gonzales, Commissioner Dan Morris, Commissioner Tony Segarra

STAFF PRESENT: Community Development Director Phil Testa, Planning Manager Scott Phillips, Planner James Atkins, Administrative Assistant Jenifer O’Melia


Minutes of the May 15, 2001 regular meeting were approved.



A-1. Consideration and action on Application SP01-20
Larry Ellerman of Ellerman & Schick for Safeway Inc., on behalf of Surprise Village Company L.L.C, c/o David Beckham, Carefree Partners, property owner is requesting consideration and action on a Site Plan for a Safeway located at the southeast corner of Cotton Lane and Bell Road.  (Safeway Center at Surprise Farms)  (Staff Recommendation – Approval)

Planner Atkins made a presentation for Application SP01-20.

Commissioner Morris had concerns with the corners of the commercial property having better pedestrian connectivity, which was stated in the PAD.

Planner Atkins stated that there is language in the PAD that encourages pedestrian flow, and the lots south of Safeway have already been pre platted and that is why there is no pedestrian connectivity in the back of the project.

Commissioner Senft wanted to know if there is pedestrian pathways along Cotton Lane and if the pathway was going to have landscaping.

Planner Atkins stated there is pedestrian pathways along Cotton Lane and there is landscaping and the applicant is upgrading the landscaping that was previously approved.

Vice Chairman Bails had concerns with the lack of shopping cart corrals and the lack of golf cart parking.

SPEAKER: Steven Earl, counsel for Safeway, replied that there are several cart corrals, they just haven’t been designated. He also stated that the golf carts need to park like a car.

Commissioner Morris had a concern with a small lot on the southeast corner of the residential property. He wanted to know what the lot was being used as and could it possibly be turned into a pedestrian pathway.

SPEAKER: Tim Keenan of Surprise Village stated the lot in question is a sewer and drainage easement. He stated that a pedestrian connection would probably not happen.

Commissioner Senft had concerns with the trees and landscaping concept being shown, and taking several years to grow out.

SPEAKER: Larry Ellerman of Ellerman Architects, 727 E. Maryland, stated a good percentage of the trees are 24 inch box trees and the palm trees along the building will be as tall as the parapet.

Commissioner Morris had concerns with the architecture of the building not being four-sided architecture. He would like to see the tile theme carried to the rear facade of the building.

SPEAKER: Steven Earl replied that the applicant did not mean to say the front matched the back because it usually will not. The applicant did use several different elements for the building. He stated that the Safeway building is different from all the other buildings.

SPEAKER: Larry Ellerman stated that the rear setback is sixty feet with a screening wall. They cannot add tile to the roof element because the roof will go over the height limit. There will also be additional shadow lines in the back structure.

Commissioner Senft wanted to know if the doors in the back of the buildings have eyeholes for the employees safety and surveillance and if not, he would like to add a stipulation. He also wanted to know what kind of lighting was in the back of the buildings.

SPEAKER: Steven Earl stated that they will add eyeholes to the doors and they agree to the stipulation.

SPEAKER: Larry Ellerman stated that the lighting is high-pressure sodium lighting and the light poles are eighteen feet tall and meet the dark sky ordinance.

Commissioner Segarra had a concern with the application because it does not comply with the commercial design guidelines because of the pedestrian access.

Planner Atkins stated it is correct they do not comply, but it is only because of the pedestrian access and staff feels due to the constraints of the site they are still recommending approval.

Vice Chairman Bails opened the hearing to the public.

SPEAKER: Kim Beneli 16554 N. Dysart Road, wanted to know if there has been a feasibility study because she feels there is no need for another grocery store.

Planner Atkins stated that there has been a feasibility study done with the PAD and the Engineering Department did a traffic analysis study for this site.

SPEAKER: Carolyn Robles 14041 N. 184th Ave, stated that this site is not equestrian friendly and would like maybe a hitching post.

Vice Chairman Bails closed the hearing to the public.

Commissioner Segarra stated that his son is an employee of the Safeway Corporation, but that there is no conflict of interest for him.

He also wanted to know what the timing is for Surprise Farms and Safeway.

SPEAKER: Steven Earl stated that Safeway is hoping to be open in about two years.

SPEAKER: Tim Keenan stated they plan on starting construction of Surprise Farms Phase 1A around September of this year.

Commissioner Morris made a motion to approve Application SP01-20, subject to stipulations a – j attached hereto as Exhibit A. Commissioner Segarra seconded the motion.

Motion passed. 5 Yeas, 0 Nays, and 1 Absent.


SPEAKER: Kim Beneli stated that there is an investigation into 402 permits, which are the storm water permits under the Clean Water Act. Currently the city has approved over 261 developments and only 51 have these permits. She stated these permits under federal law need to be enforced.

Community Development Director Phil Testa stated that staff will look into this problem.



Commissioner Segarra stated he will not be in attendance at the July meetings.

Vice chairman Bails stated that there will be new commission members appointed and the next meeting will be July 17, 2001.

Councilman Villanueva stated on the 28th of this month there will be a joint meeting with council on revitalization.

Commissioner Segarra had concerns with shopping carts being left on Bell Road and Reems Road. He also stated that possibly the city should look into funding sidewalks in the future.

Commissioner Senft wanted staff to look into angled parking and more designated cart areas.


There was no further business. On a motion duly made and seconded. Vice Chairman Bails declared the meeting adjourned at 7:55 P.M.

Carl Cox, Chairman
Planning and Zoning Commission

Philip A. Testa, Director
Community Development