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12425 W. BELL ROAD, SUITE D-100





December 7, 2004



Call to Order:

Chairman Ken Senft called the Planning and Zoning Commission Workshop Meeting to order at 5:05 p.m. at the Surprise City Hall12425 West Bell Road, Suite D-100, Surprise, Arizona, 85374, on Tuesday, December 7, 2004. 


Roll call:

Also in attendance with Chairman Senft were: Commissioner Daniel Morris, Commissioner Skip Hall, Commissioner Antonio Segarra, and Commissioner Jan Blair, Commissioners Robert Gonzalez and Commissioner Randy Nachtigall were absent.


Staff Present:

City Attorney, Jeff Blilie;, Acting Community and Economic Development Director, LaTonya Finch; Planner Desmond McGeough; Planning Department Secretary Linda Bernsdorff.


Council Members Present:

There were no council members present.

·         No minutes where approved




ITEM # David Reuter- Presented Tips for Televised Commission Meetings:


Mr. Reuter noted that about 3,800 homes will be watching the meetings.  He would like to do some promotion after the holiday, 4 or 5 meetings have been broadcasted


Mr. Reuter reviewed some tips for behavior during the meetings to make them better for the at home audience.


1.       Commissioners should move their microphones after speaking.  Leave in a comfortable place, please use the mute button.


2.       Three (3) cameras are used :   Please don’t turn away from camera, it is not good to have your back to the camera.


3.       The laser pointer doesn’t work with the public at home, they can see the mouse use on presentations.  If you use the pointer, be sure to describe what you are pointing at.


4.       We would like to stop using the over head projector as the public cannot see what is being shown


5.       Do not place water bottles or any other leftovers on the table.


6.       Dress:  avoid wearing white and black, causing the camera to shutter, bloom.  Pin stripes, herring bone, white, and reds.


7.       Make up powder is available in the TV booth in the back of the room.


8.       Try to avoid mumbling or looking down.


9.       Would like to have length of meeting held back to no more than two hours.  The public will lose interest.  We are televised live at this point. 


Chairman Senft- we have long agendas and sometimes we have items that really take quite awhile. 


LaTonya- will talk about ways to improve by having workshops prior to having meetings.

Suggestion to e-mail, phone, or having meeting outside the meeting.


Commissioner Segarra- does not want to make an effort just to please the public. Suggested editing.


Mr Reuter- against the law to edit. 


City Attorney Blilie- counter productive to e-mail.  Important to spend a through amount of time reviewing each item.


Chairman Senft- like to have views of the public/commissioners.

Suggest what the number of items for each agenda.


Mr. Reuter - generous time to let the public speak.  Trim back on public speaking.


Commissioner Morris- asked if we can install light so that the public can see it.


Mr. Reuter – avoid chewing gum, eating.

Podium-.           #1 camera is focused on audience,

                        # 2 audience should present themselves professionally

# 3 Morris does not like the Podium, feels that it blocks the audience visibility

Mr. Reuter- Please try using the Podium for awhile, and let me know how it works.  We also have tape available.


Commissioner Segarra – No rocking.  He had a question concerning the plans when we open them.  What is the height of the Podium – 4 feet.  Suggested we work something out for short people.


Mr. Reuter – Will do the best we can and try and work around when opening plans.  Please use your microphones.


Commissioner Morris commented on the microphone and the length.  These seem to be shorter than normal.


Mr. Reuter- looking for the best audio.


Item 2 sidewalk design


LaTonya-  Planners Jim Atkins /Desmond McGeough voiced response to Segarra questions.

Commissioner Segarra - no side walks:  pictures where taken of the sidewalk.  Fry’s Center


Commissioner Segarra reads from the manual found in the Dec 7th commission book.  Would like to make sure that in the future all sidewalks interconnect and don’t dead end at one point.


Commissioner Morris – noted comments made in past minutes concerning sidewalks ending.  He had someone voice his comments.  East Bell and Grand.  QT station is the first area that has sidewalks.


Mr. Atkins- this our primary goal to make City both pedestrian and bicycle friendly. We agree 100 %.  We will also take full responsibility and will try to work something out to clear issue.  We will insure that sidewalks meet and connect to other


Chairman Senft – think yellow striped sidewalks are not acceptable, Commission would rather see brick pavers. 


Mr. Atkins – would too, meet some resistance to ADA problem.  With ADA Accessibility.  There are other materials that ADA approve.


Chairman Senft- we need connectivity through the parking lots with shade. Such as Wal-mart, Targets.


Mr. Atkins- we take this information back to our applicants, We inform the applicant that these are items Commission look for.


Commissioner Morris – Change Color – Curb to the Street.


Commissioner Segarra- is there a conceptual plan on the City center? 


Mr. Atkins- yes, but they change daily.  It is very loosely associated.


Commissioner Morris – would like to see that.


Ms. Finch is pursuing the site plan.


Item # 3 enhancing communication between staff and Commission.


Ms. Finch will e-mail with suggestion presented by Staff



·         Commissioners e-mail questions to Staff

·         Workshop format


Chairman Senft would like to see this is a staff/commission workshop.  This stimulates thought with other Commissioners.


Chairman Senft would like to receive packets at least a week before, ideally would like to have packets for next meeting the night prior of the meeting.


Chairman Ken Senft adjourned the meeting at 5:58 P.M.




LaTonya Finch, Acting, Director

Community Development Department




P&Z Commission Chairman Ken Senft