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Roll Call:

The Planning and Zoning Commission Workshop began at 5:35 PM at the Surprise City Hall12425 West Bell Road, Suite D-100, Surprise, Arizona, 85374, on Tuesday, April 19, 2005.  In attendance were Commissioners Bob Gonzalez, Skip Hall, Randy Nachtigall and Tony Segarra; Chairman Senft, Vice-chair Blair and Commissioner Morris arrived after the workshop had begun.


Staff Present:

Attorney Deputy, Carla Bastien,; Acting Director of Community  Development, LaTonya Finch; Planning and Zoning Manager, Robert Millspaw and Planning and Zoning Secretary (interim), Gilda M. Tangtam.


Council Present:

No members of the council present.





Acting Director of Community Development, LaTonya Finch, made a presentation on ZTA05-104 Update of Temporary Use and Proposed Temporary Use Permit Ordinance.


The presentation covered a brief history of the problems with the existing code and the proposed changes.


A survey was conducted in the region and nationally to get a feel for some of the best practices. Several similarities were identified nationally.  Some jurisdictions have a 30-day requirement for processing Temporary Use Permit (TUP).  Other jurisdictions have less restricting codes.


Internally, it was found that several departments are involved in the process.  City departments were asked what changes and/or improvements they would like to see. The proposed code meets all the requirements and needs. 


A summary table previously distributed to commissioners analyzed the differences. Some of the changes involve specific definitions for special events and contains enhanced language.


The purpose of the proposed amendment is to clarify what is a TUP since most people do not understand. It is important to establish what is a TUP and what events require it.


The existing code restricts TUP to seasonal and cultural activities; however, there are many events in the area that are not seasonal or cultural. 


The proposed code establishes criteria for minor TUP, which is not addressed in the existing code.  It would allow issuance of minor TUP expeditiously if it doesn’t cause any traffic impediments, or requires involvement from the health department or other agencies.






Questions from Commissioner Hall regarding garage sales on private property and TUP requirements.  


Commissioner Nachtigall had questions regarding air support structures (i.e. Jumping Castles) at church or birthday party. He expressed concerned regarding the safety of the children. Asked if they would require a TUP. Acting Director Finch stated that a TUP was not required for these types of events.


Commissioner Nachtigall also had questions regarding these events.  Would they require a TUP if the celebration is part of church service.  Acting Director Finch stated that if the public is allowed a TUP is required.


The proposed amendment excludes the City Hall complex and the Sports Recreational complex. These types of facilities do not require a permit because they are being used for the intended use.


Commissioner Nachtigall had questions regarding school plays and musicals. He also asked if a jumping castle at a fair would require a TUP. Acting Director Finch stated that they do.


Questions from Deputy Attorney Bastien concerning garage sales in Sun City Grand.  Acting Director Finch stated that the Department is still working on that activity.


Acting Director Finch stated that the planner working with the customer would have to probe to understand the nature of the event.  She added that the existing code has no performance standards.


Commissioner Hall asked Acting Director Finch to describe some of the past problems with the existing code.


Questions from Commissioner Nachtigall regarding fee scale; he commented that fees should be in accordance with the activity.  Acting Director Finch agreed. She also stated that the fire department is taking a second look at their fees in response to complaints from the public regarding the fee schedule.


Commissioner Gonzalez wanted to know why some inspections are so lengthy (up to 6 hours).  Acting Director Finch stated that it is because of the tents, food carts, etc and the fact that most of these events are on the weekends. She added that these inspections are very costly.


Commissioner Segarra asked if carwash to raise funds on parking lots would require a permit.  Acting Director Finch stated that if these were a one-time event it would not require a TUP.


Commissioner Hall asked if the proposed amendment would change this.  Acting Director Finch stated that if the event changes the parking lot and traffic patterns it might require a TUP, but she is not aware of any permits issued in the past for this type of event.


Commissioner Nachtigall and Segarra expressed concern over the impact the proposed amendment would have on schools or groups of individuals trying to raise money for a cause. 


Acting Director Finch stated that it would depend on the event, the hours and any changes in traffic patterns, but reiterated that she was not aware of any permits being issued before for this type of event.


Commissioner Senft observed that the code should not be so restrictive that people cannot have functions.


Acting Director Finch stated that this was not the intent of the code and that is very important that the code supports public safety and welfare.




Commissioner Senft commented that block parties should be allowed with special permits.  He observed that other neighboring cities do it successfully.




Due to public notice meeting of the Planning and Zoning Commission scheduled at 6:00 p.m., Chairperson Ken Senft suggested discussion on this item be continued to the next regular Planning and Zoning Commission meeting scheduled for May 3, 2005. Chairman Senft declared the workshop meeting adjourned at 6:05 PM.



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Ken Senft, Chairperson                                      LaTonya Finch, Director

Planning and Zoning Commission                        Community Development Department