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Parks and Recreation Board Meeting Minutes – October 26, 2004



A.      Roll Call


Chairman Trent Renner called the Parks and Recreation Advisory Meeting to order at 5:30 pm, at the Surprise Regional Library – City Classroom located on 16089 N Bullard Ave Surprise, Arizona 85374, on Tuesday, October 26, 2004.  Also in attendance with Chairman Trent Renner were Vice-Chairman Wayne Turner, board members; Vanessa Goodrich, Lorraine Esman (arrived approximately 6:00 pm), Jack Hitchcock , and Alex Theis (via teleconference).


Councilman Joe Johnson present as liaison.


Staff Present:

Mark Coronado: Community and Recreation Services Director, Melissa Miller: Recreation Manager, and Donna Miller: Recreation Manager.



B.      Approval of Community & Recreation Services Advisory Board Minutes of August 24,  2004


Wayne Turner moved to approve the minutes of the August 24, 2004 meeting.  Jack Hitchcock seconded the motion. 6 yes votes.  Motion carried.



A.      Chairman Report

a.       Mr. Renner wanted to tell Paul Frie good job and great call in removing a disgruntled referee from soccer program.  Many parents have expressed happiness.

b.       Wayne Turner agreed stating that this has been the worst year yet as far as parental problems.  Staff is doing a great job.


B.      Community & Recreation Services Director’s Report


a.       Introduction of Councilman Joe Johnson

Mark introduced Joe Johnson to the advisory board.  Mr. Johnson is a new member of council and has been appointed as a liaison and advocate between the council and advisory board.    Mr. Johnson stated that he has two kids, likes recreation, open-minded and asked to be a part of this.  He is very happy to be here.

b.       October Highlights

1.       Youth Sports has witnessed another increase in participation.  Soccer may go to two seasons.

2.       Spooktacular Dance was held October 23rd.  206 youth attended the event at Countryside Recreation Center.

3.       4A West Valley Region and 5A Northwest Valley Region held their swim and dive meets at the aquatic center.  These schools requested our facility because the Aquatic Center meets the depth requirement for diving off starting blocks.

4.       Movie in the park on October 23rd had 900 in attendance

5.       Sanderson Ford car sale – 40 cars sold at an average of $30,000 each.  Significant sales tax revenue.

6.       Approximately 6500 attended Northwest Chamber Better living Expo.

7.       NABA & MSBL World Series is playing here now.  200 teams currently in Surprise.

8.       1st quarter updates include 36 programs with 10,000 participants.

9.       Upcoming programs include:

Special Events include Performances in the Park on November 6th and 20th and our signature event the Surprise party on December 3rd and 4th.  Drifters, Shane Stevens, Phoenix Theatre and Phoenix Youth will be present.

Other upcoming programs include; Special Interest classes, Henderson Camp, Sun dancers.




·         Update/Process on Future Skate/Grind Park

Mark Coronado introduced Mr. Herd a Surprise Resident who addressed Council 90-120 days ago requesting an update regarding skate parks in the City of Surprise. 


Mr. Herd began his presentation stating that the City of Surprise is one of the fastest growing cities and is also one of the few cities that do not have a skate/grind park.  The term grind refers to BMX bikers utilizing the facility along with the skateboarders. 

At this time there is no multiuse facility in Maricopa County.  Chandler will be the first to open in one year.  There is evidence in Las Vegas and Fontana California as to success of skate/grind facility.  Fontana utilizes a flow model and separates beginners, intermediate and advanced skaters and BMXers.  Flagstaff, Show low, and Nogales are only Arizona cities that have multiuse facilities.  Mr. Herd would encourage holding a public meeting regarding design.  He attended one in Glendale and found that a typical park would need one and half acres, 30,000 square feet of concrete.  Mr. Herd mentioned that there will always be concerns such as overcrowding, and issues involving skaters vs. BMXers.

Mr. Herd is part of a group called the Bike, Blade and Board coalition.  They consist of a group of BMXers wanting to join and combine with skaters at the same facility.  The coalition consists of one representative form each city.  They meet and discuss issues, concerns and progress.  Mr. Herd referenced a hazardous sports law ARS 33-1551.  The coalition also has a web site called 

Mr. Herd has a couple of suggestions for builders and has found that $500,000 is sufficient for 30,000 square foot facility.

Mr. Herd opened up for questions.  Jack Hitchcock asked about operational hours for the facility and whether BMXers and skater use facility at same time or at different times.  Mr. Herd stated that they two groups share times and the flow design allows for fewer collisions.  Nights at night offer extended time periods and would be highly recommended.    Vanessa Goodrich asked who supervises the participants utilizing the facility?  Mr. Herd stated that Park Rangers and Police are typical in most cities.  Park Rangers would be recommended before Police Officers.  Jack Hitchcock also asked if  lighted are included in building costs with the answer being yes.


Mark Coronado recommended having a public meeting after the holidays.  There will be those who will agree and disagree


Joe Johnson made a statement that he is for this but has concerns regarding safety.  It is important to wear helmets and safety equipment.  He is also concerned about liability issues for the City.


Trent Renner asked if most cities require helmets and Mr. Herd stated they do not.  Only private companies do because of the liability.  Mr. Renner also asked for stats on lawsuits involving municipalities.  Mr. Herd stressed that parents need to supervise and there should be an age limit.  Mark Coronado added that staff would be diligent to come up with rules.  Staff supports the building of this type of facility and will bring proposal after public meeting in January.


Mr. Renner added that Surprise needs to stay with the times and this is a popular sport.


Vanessa Goodrich commented that vandalism and other problems have been alleviated at Deer Valley High after the opening of a nearby skate park.






·         Item #2 Section 10 Park

Consideration/Action to discuss / approve line item budget to spend $93,051.74 out of $100,000.


Wayne Turner made the motion, Vanessa Goodrich seconds motion, 6 yes votes, motion approved.


·         Item #3

Consideration and Action to discuss / approve community park expansion line item budget of $546,018.98.  This project is expected to be ready for the public late May/June.


       Trent Renner asked how we stay under budget?

        Mark answered by crediting Fred Sanchez and 3DI/Mohave contract


Jack Hitchcock made the motion, Wayne Turner seconds motion, 6 yes votes, motion approved)


·         Item #4 Update of design services for restrooms located at Southeast corner of 8 acres.  The goal is to have ready May/June of 2005.  Wayne Turner suggested placing the restrooms in the retention area.  Trent Renner reiterated importance of design to look like rest of facilities nearby.


              No action taken


·         Item #5 Consideration and action recommendation to consider relocating softball complex.


Mark Coronado explained that the City currently have 37 acres completed.  The additional 20 acres were originally allocated for softball complex.  Defer to #6 for pros.  Cons would be that softball has already been planned for in design and moving it will add additional costs to project.


Lorraine moved to recommend with stipulation that we find a viable location for softball complex.  Jack Hitchcock seconds motion, 6 yes votes, motion approved with stipulation.


·         Item #6 Tennis and Racquet Complex


Mark Coronado stated that the City lacks tennis facilities.  Placing them on Surprise campus would be proactive and meets the plan and vision of the campus.  Tennis

Would attract USTA, WTA, ATA and other National, state professional and senior tournaments.  The department plans to initiate a feasibility study and would look at short and long economic benefits.  Softball complex could be moved to Surprise farms or Marley Park. 

Wayne Turner stated that he would be behind the move.  It would be good publicity.  Mr. Johnson added that Scottsdale recently lost the women’s tournaments because facilities were not adequate.  Mark mentioned that Glendale privatized their courts due to the fact they did not have internal experience.  Mr. Hitchcock asked if pickle ball has same design as tennis.  Mark said no, stating that 4 pickle ball courts fit on one tennis court.


No Action Taken


·         Item # 7 Discussion/Presentation of proposed partnership with Arizona Special Olympics  Mark Coronado stated that Surprise would be the first city to have a West Valley office.  This partnership would greatly benefit department.  We have asked for Special Needs Recreation Manager for the past three years.  Special Olympics has agreed to provide $15,000 as needed; Sun dancers would provide $15,000 for the next 18 years; and the City would provide $30,000.  The employee would develop new city programs 50% of the time and the other 50% would be spent assisting Special Olympics.  Mark added that the City of Mesa does this and it works well.  Mark also discussed office location, the major stakeholders and milestones involved in completing the process.  Melissa Miller also stated importance of this and that it would greatly benefit the special needs population.


              No Action Taken


·         Item #8  Update Community and Recreation Services Department Organizational Chart including new employees.  Melissa went over organizational chart and mentioned new staff.


No action taken


·         Item #9 Discussion of Community and Recreation services Advisory Board Terms  Melissa informed Vanessa Goodrich and Wayne Turner that their terms are up in November.  Mark made comments regarding process of reapplying for Recreation advisory board. 


No action taken




N/ A

Councilman Johnson said thanks and will be here at every meeting.




Wayne made motion to adjourn.  Lorraine seconds

Trent Renner adjourned the meeting of Tuesday, October 26th at 6:53pm



                                                                        Trent Renner, Chairmen






                                                                        Sherry Ann Aguilar, City Clerk, CMC




I, Sherry Ann Aguilar, City Clerk for the City of Surprise, Maricopa County, Arizona, do hereby verify that these are the true and correct minutes of the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board Meeting of Tuesday October 26th, 2004.





                                                                        Sherry Ann Aguilar, City Clerk, CMC