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Parks and Recreation Board Meeting Minutes – August 24, 2004



A.      Roll Call


Chairman Trent Renner called the Parks and Recreation Advisory Meeting to order at 6:00pm, at the Surprise Regional Library – City Classroom located on 16089 N Bullard Ave Surprise, Arizona 85374, on Tuesday, August 24, 2004.  Also in attendance with Chairman Trent Renner were Vice-Chairman Wayne Turner, board members; Vanessa Goodrich, Lorraine Esman, Alex Theis, and Jack Hitchcock (via teleconference).


Staff Present:

Mark Coronado: Community and Recreation Services Director, Melissa Miller: Recreation Manager, Donna Miller: Recreation Manager, Jim Mallon: Recreation Manager, Tara Combs: Recreation Supervisor, Fred Sanchez: Recreation Supervisor.


B.      Approval of Community & Recreation Services Advisory Board Minutes of June 16, 2004


Trent Renner moved to approve the minutes of the June 16, 2004 meeting.  Wayne Turner seconded the motion. 6 yes votes.  Motion carried.



A.      Chairman Report

a.       Introduced/welcomed Alex Theis to the board

b.       Congrats to all recreation staff, wonderful job

c.       City is seeing growing pains

d.       Mike Planeta researched and then sought Trent out and is interested in bringing a baseball satellite museum to Surprise

                                                                           i.      Not on television, an actual satellite museum

                                                                         ii.      Make it a future note to discuss

B.      Community & Recreation Services Director’s Report

a.       Program Update: July, August, September

Mark reported that we have facilitated and took care of approximately 3,000 residents in the registrations for July, August, and September.  For our sports programs, we have approximately 400 teams ready to play.  Some programs filled up in the first five minutes of registration.  Right now, we need more facilities to accommodate and facilitate more residents.

b.       Celebration of Baseball

The Celebration of Baseball press release will go out next week. The annual event is scheduled for February.  Mark stated that Luis Gonzalez would be on campus for the event.

c.       Spring Training 2005

Mark stated that the preliminary schedule is out for Spring Training 2005 and the first game is scheduled for March 3, 2005.  He reported that the Chicago Cubs and Seattle Mariners would play at the Stadium three times this season.  Attendance is expected to exceed last year’s 140,000 +.

d.       Department Update

Melissa overviewed and reported on the July through September Department Update.

e.       Overview 5-Year Capital Plan

Mark overviewed the submitted capital projects for the FY2004-2005 fiscal year.




·         Consideration and Action – to recommend to the Mayor and City Council acceptance of Section 10 Park into the Community & Recreation Services Department Open Space and Park Inventory.

APPROVED with stipulation that it meets ADA standards and it is part of the stipulation

(Wayne made the motion, Lorraine seconds motion, 6 yes votes, motion is approved)


Public Comment

Tedd Carr is very involved with the American Disabilities Act and expresses that in all the designs, nothing is shown or addresses the ADA.  He states that we should provide numerous activities that meet the needs of high adventurous junkies as well as passive and reserve users.   Persons of all activities to be involved in competitive and non-competitive arenas.  Not just the able body, but also the person with disabilities and parents with disabilities that have able body children.


Jim Olmstead is also very involved with the American Disabilities Act and discussed the Parks and Recreational Amenities in Surprise.  Within the City of Surprise, there are over 20,000 disabled residents, based on the 2000 census brought forward to a population of 70,000+.  This means that over one of four people that have the potential to use our parks and recreational facilities have a recognized facility.  If the facilities are not designed to take full consideration of the special needs, a significant and growing number of our community will not be able to use some portion of the parks and recreational amenities.  He would like to recommend that all facility designs, whether on property owned by the city or developer parks and facilities that will be turned over to the city at some point, and used by the public be designed and construction supervised by architects that are ADA qualified.  All equipment purchased for the facilities should be ADA certified as a part of the purchasing procedure.

Mark Coronado stated that accommodations for all populations are important.  Do we meet the minimum standards or should we go above and beyond the standards?  We believe the Attorney General is getting ready to come out with new requirements as well as the Department of Justice.  We have all those updated requirements and all of our architects do meet the minimum requirements per the plan review process with the City of Surprise.  However, I believe it’s an acceptable recommendation to make that part of the RFP qualification, that the architects are ADA certified.  We are supporters of the new Dreamcatcher Park and look forward to working together.


·         Overview 2004 Aquatic Season


Donna discussed and gave an overview of the 2004 Aquatic Season.


·         Discuss / Update request regarding the creation of Library Advisory Board


Mark stated that he would like to delay this item for approximately six months because in out 5-year master plan/ capital plan a third library will be coming.  This advisory board would be able to then hold public meetings for library services and help design.       We are going to delay this for approximately six months and then bring it back to Mayor and Council for approval and development, if they accept this recommendation.


Jack Hitchcock states that it is fair to him but he wants the whole community to be involved.


·         Consideration and Action to discuss / approve FY2005 Capital Project timelines, recommended locations and process.

APPROVED with stipulation that it meets ADA standards and it is part of the stipulation

            Wayne made the motion, Jack seconds motion, 6 yes votes, motion approved)


Mark gave an overview of the FY2005 Capital Project timelines which included the new city trail / bike system, Surprise Farms Community Park Development, Section 10 Park, scoreboards, restrooms, Gaines Park, Surprise Recreation Campus Community Park, Youth Baseball Complex, Recreation Center (Sierra Montana Elementary School), and the Youth / Adult Softball Complex.



Ted Carr stresses the importance on concessions. Create more self-sustaining projects that are not at the taxpayer’s expense, this will be all profit for the city.


Mark Coronado agrees with the idea of concessions.  We currently have a seven-year contract with Aramark that is no expense to the taxpayers.  It is in our plan to put out a RFP for concession services, at the concession’s cost.


David Cormany expresses his interest in pickle ball.  This game is growing 20% every year with the Senior Olympics and they need a facility for the game.  A pickle ball court can be used for paddleball and badminton as well.  They ran six courts for Senior Olympics last year and it was not enough.


Alex Theis asks, “What is pickle ball”?


David Cormany states that it is like ping-pong on the ground.  It is a quick 3-4 step game.  The exercise is great, games usually last 2½ hours, and we usually play from 7am-12pm. 


Joan Hancock is also a pickle ball player but expressed her concern for bike trails.  We have no bike trails for kids and adults.  She would also like to see a learning center where kids can go and get help with school.


Chad Hills is new to Surprise and a recent grad of ASU.  He stated that he is impressed with how the city has taken an active role in sports but think it would be a good idea to consider skate parks.  This will attract certain youths who would not usually participate in sports.  It also decreases vandalism in parking lots, where kids usually skate.


Mark stated that a skate park is included in the five-year capital plan.  The scope and design will be determined.  The approximated budget is $500,000.


Mark recommends proceeding with the planning, design, implementing process with all these projects and providing a stipulation that every effort meets ADA requirements, be part of the process.  We would then present to Council when all the contracts, legal requirements, and procurements are completed.


Mayor discusses Dreamcatcher Park and how it will accommodate children with special needs.   In February she will be holding “Make a Difference” week to raise money for the park.


Wayne Peterson appreciates the bike lanes on our roads but expresses his concern for trails.  It is good for youth and adults to get out on hikes.  Also, there are a number of ladies who have strollers on the streets because the sidewalks are too narrow.  We need to have more eight-foot sidewalks. Lets improve Bell Road to make it a show place.


Councilman Cox agrees with Wayne on bike and golf trails. We need to stop, look, and do something today and not later.


Chairman Renner thanks Mayor, Councilman Cox, and Councilman Arimendez for attending.


Lorriane moved to adjourn meeting - Alex seconded



Trent Renner adjourned the meeting of Wednesday, August 24 at 7:15pm



                                                                        Trent Renner, Chairmen






                                                                        Sherry Ann Aguilar, City Clerk, CMC




I, Sherry Ann Aguilar, City Clerk for the City of Surprise, Maricopa County, Arizona, do hereby verify that these are the true and correct minutes of the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board Meeting of Tuesday August 24, 2004.





                                                                        Sherry Ann Aguilar, City Clerk, CMC