Report a Problem

Always be sure to report:

  • Dumping of chemicals or other substances into storm drains
  • Suspicious dry weather discharges to the storm water system
  • Sediment runoff and track-out from poorly controlled construction sites
  • Leaking vehicles (provide a license plate number)
  • Standing water in retention areas
To report a storm water problem, call the Department of Water Services at 623.222.7000 and be sure to supply the following information:

  1. Location - the nearest major cross streets, an address, the name of the housing community, and/or  the name of a nearby business
  2. Type of Structure - for example a catch basin, retention basin, culvert, natural or concrete open channel (click here to view examples)
  3. Property Owner - the address, phone number, and other known contact information of the property owner where the issue exists (often times this is a home owner association)
  4. Caller Information - your name and a phone number where you can be reached with respect to this issue.
Polluted storm water can aid in the spread of viruses and diseases; provide a breeding place for mosquitoes and other nuisance insects; and, negatively impact drinking water supplies and plant and wildlife habitats.

To report a problem with mosquitoes or failing septic systems, call the Maricopa County complaint hotline at 602.506.6616.

Visit the City of Surprise Code Enforcement page for more information.