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The City of Surprise is announcing a new partnership with Community Association Institute Arizona to help our community reach agreement on a dispute, problem, or conflict.

Mediation will facilitate negotiation and settlement between disputing parties by providing direction and encouragement, working collaboratively with them to find creative ways to reach a mutually satisfying solution, typically a compromise. Mediators do not represent or advocate for either side in a lawsuit. Their role is to try to bring both parties to a common middle ground.

What Types of Conflicts Can Be Mediated?

The mediation service may be utilized for a number of conflict types, both interpersonal and intergroup, including:

  • Landlord/Tenant Issues– including security deposit disputes and rental property maintenance/responsibility
  • HOA Board Issues– including internal board relations and board/resident communication
  • Property & Contract Issues – including vendor workmanship, development, easement disputes and maintenance concerns
  • Neighborhood Issues – including harassment and the neighborhood “rumor mill”

What are the benefits of Mediation?

The City of Surprise Mediation Program will most likely be less expensive than the normal judicial process. This is a free service to Surprise residents only; mediation is a confidential process unlike court cases that are adjudicated in public session. Many mediated disputes only require one session to resolve, and can be scheduled quickly. A filed court case may take months or years to resolve.

Request Mediation

Please contact Kayte Comes at or call 602-388-1159.

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