Fire-Medical Public Records

Public Records Request

Please follow the instructions below to start the request process.

  • Click on the button below.
  • Once the page opens, click on “Service Requests”.
  • Then click on the map to designate Surprise City Hall, or type in 16000 N. Civic Center Drive, Surprise, AZ in the address bar and click “done” on far top right of page.
  • Select the type Public Records Requests and then choose Fire Records Request.
  • Complete the form.

This is not a secured site for HIPAA protected information. Please do NOT attach documents to this request that contains personal information. You will be contacted via our secure system once the information is required. Records delivered electronically will be provided without charge. If you require a physical copy, please see the copy fees below.

Physical Copy Fees:

Reports: $5.00
Less than 9 pages
10 to 19 pages
20 to 29 pages
30 to 49 pages
50 to 100 pages
Per page over 100 pages
Photos: $20.00 Provided on CD

If the record request is a fire service activity history search, no range of addresses will be accepted. Each address being requested must be listed separately on a separate form. Please note, we do not research by parcel numbers or lot locations.

A.R.S. 39-121.03D-Commercial purpose includes any use of a public record for the purpose of sale or resale or for the purpose of producing a document containing all or part of the copy, printout or photograph for sale or the obtaining of names and addresses from public records to another for the purpose of solicitation or for any purpose where the purchaser can reasonably anticipate the receipt of monetary gain from direct or indirect use of the record. When a person requests copies of Fire Prevention records for commercial purposes, a statement setting forth the commercial purpose for which the copies will be used must be provided. I further agree to hold the City of Surprise, its agents and its employees harmless from any claim, causes of action, or other liability that may arise as a result of furnishing these documents to me or my use or my use or misuse of these documents.