About Surprise City Court

  1. To help curb the spread of COVID-19:
       •  Please stay home if you are feeling sick.
       •  Wearing of face coverings is recommended.
       •  Physical distancing is encouraged.

    If you have a court appearance scheduled and cannot come to Court because you are experiencing COVID -19 symptoms, you must file a motion requesting a new court date.

    Failure to file a motion regarding a missed court appearance may result in a warrant for your arrest or a default on any civil charges.

    Payments can be made at surprisecitycourtpayments.com

    If you have questions, call the Court at 623.222.4800

The Surprise City Court is a court of limited jurisdiction within the statewide court system and is subject to the authority of the Arizona Supreme Court.  The City Court has criminal jurisdiction over misdemeanor crimes, petty offenses, and City Ordinance violations occurring within the City of Surprise. The City Court adjudicates criminal and civil traffic violations such as driving under the influence, hit & run, reckless driving, and speeding. In matters of domestic violence or harassment, the Court has the authority to issue orders of protection and injunctions prohibiting harassment. 

Services Not Handled by Surprise City Court

The City Court does not handle civil lawsuits between citizens, landlord tenant disputes, marriage licenses, divorce proceedings, or passports. 

For assistance with these matters please visit: