City Court Case Management Guidelines

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The Surprise City Court has a case management policy that establishes a total number of settings for each criminal case filing as follows:

Type of Setting Approximate Time From Date of Filing
Arraignment 3 weeks
Pre-Trial Conference 5 weeks
Trial Readiness Conference 9 weeks
Jury Trial Management Conference 15 weeks
Trial (Bench or Jury) 16 weeks or less

Appearance Is Required For All Case Settings Unless Permission Is Granted By The Court

The dates for both the Pre-Trial Conference and Trial Setting Conference will be issued simultaneously at the time of arraignment and will appear on the same Hearing Date Notice.

Pre-Trial Conference (PTC)

The initial meeting between both sides that often includes a plea offer. If the case is not resolved at this setting, the Trial Setting Conference date is affirmed.

Trial Readiness Conference (TRC)

At this time, the court will determine whether all pre-trial issues have been resolved and ensure the motions are filed timely. The court will also determine the time required for trial and will then set the case to a jury trial or bench trial date.  If there is a change of plea, this will be taken at the TRC. When a case is set to trial, a trial date will be fixed no more than seven weeks from the TRC. For a jury trial a Calendar Call will be scheduled one week prior to the trial date. The court will avoid continuance of scheduled trial dates unless extraordinary circumstances exist.


Motions should be submitted electronically to the Court at and the Prosecutor’s Office at It is not necessary to forward the original documents once the electronic documents have been accepted and filed with the Court. The Surprise City Court requires that the filing party include the position of the opposing party on all motions filed with the Court. If the filing party is unable to contact the opposing party, the motion must demonstrate that an attempt was made to contact the opposing party. If you need to obtain the status of a motion that has been filed with the Court, please call the Motions Desk at (623) 222-4855. 

Disclosure Documents

Pursuant to Rule 15.4e, Arizona Rules of Criminal Procedure, no party shall file its disclosure documents with the Court unless the documents are filed as exhibits to a contested motion or unless otherwise directed to do so by the Court. All attorneys representing parties in this Court shall not routinely file such documents with the Court. All unrequested disclosure documents will be returned by the Clerk to the attorney of record for the case.