Development Ordinances Review & Comment

The city’s Community Development Department will be working in a phased approach when presenting the Land Development Ordinances (LDO) updates and gathering input.

As new draft chapters are added below, there will be an option to provide online comment. Once public review has been completed for all chapters, the comprehensive LDO will go to a public hearing for adoption as a single item. 

Visit the "Process Timeline" section to see when new chapters are anticipated to be added for review and comment. 

Land Development Ordinances

Ch 101: General/Administrative Provisions
Ch 102: Review and Approval
Ch 103: Enforcement

Comment on Ch 101-103

Ch 104: Fundamental Development Requirements
Ch 105: Buildings and Building Regulations

Comment on Ch 104-105

Ch 106: Zoning Code - Coming soon!

Comment on Ch 106

Ch 107: Design Requirements - Coming soon!

Comment on Ch 107

Ch 108: Land Division - Coming soon!

Ch 109: Signs (This section of code was revised separately and went into effect April 5, 2018. This chapter is simply being renumbered. Read the new Sign Code)  - Coming soon!

Comment on Ch 108-109

Ch 110: Development Impact Fees (This section of code will be revised at a later date through the state statute regulated process. This chapter is simply being renumbered.)  - Coming soon! 

Ch 111: Infill Incentive District  - Coming soon!

Comment on Ch 110-111