Update to Land Development Ordinances & Design Standards

DevelopNEXT is an effort by the city of Surprise to update and simplify its Land Development Ordinances and Planning and Engineering Design Standards. This is the first comprehensive update since 2009, and we want you to join us in the process!

This effort will modernize the city’s Surprise Unified Development Code (SUDC) and create a clear and visionary toolbox for a growing Surprise. The new set of standards and regulations will be called Land Development Ordinances (LDO).

We are also updating and consolidating the city’s separate design books into a single Planning and Engineering Design Standards (PEDS) to complement the ordinances.

The Land Development Ordinances will regulate things like:
  • housing density
  • commercial uses
  • industrial uses
  • building types
  • setbacks & heights
  • connectivity
  • landscaping
  • lighting
  • open space
  • parking requirements

While the LDO will regulate the above categories, the Planning and Engineering Design Standards will shape our aesthetic point of view; they exist to maintain a certain level of quality engineering and architectural character.

Why Update Ordinances & Design Standards?

It’s been nine years since we’ve had a comprehensive update to our development code. 

Through this update, we will be able to:

  • Align our ordinances and design standards with the values described in our city’s General Plan 2035
  • Implement new state statutes and federal guidelines
  • Improve the city’s standards for site, open space, architectural design
  • Consolidate the city’s design standards guides into one document
  • Simplify and clarify the structure/organization of the documents and the rules within them, making them easier to read, administer and enforce

Public Input Opportunities

Visit Process Timeline section to see tentative timeline for the publishing of the draft documents and public and stakeholder meetings.

Written Comment:

Online written comment will be an important part of shaping these updates. Click on the buttons below to comment on the draft documents:

Draft Ordinances: Review & Comment

Draft Design Standards: Review & Comment