2018 National Citizen Survey Results

8 in 10 residents rate the quality of life in Surprise as excellent or good; and they recommend living here! Safety and the Economy are your priorities! Here are quick takeaways from the 2018 NCS…. (View news release)

Our Strengths:

  • Safe neighborhoods
  • Overall city appearance
  • Recycled at home
  • Surprise as a place to retire
  • Sidewalk maintenance
  • Variety of housing options
  • Affordable housing
  • Cost of living
  • Street repair

Where We Can Improve:

  • Air quality
  • Education (K-12)
  • Walk/Bike instead of driving
  • Arts/Culture/Music
  • Work in Surprise
  • Stock emergency supplies
  • Bus or transit services
  •  Travel by public transportation

Complete Survey and Comparison Reports:

2018 National Citizen Survey- Community Livability Summary Report
Complete Survey Results/Technical Appendices/National Benchmark Comparison
Open-ended questions
Demographic Comparison Report
Geographic Comparison Report
Dashboard Findings
NCS Trends Over Time Report
Online NCS Results

1,500 surveys were mailed to randomly-selected households in Surprise. The response rate was 23%, with a margin of error of plus/minus 5%.

The City of Surprise appreciates the residents’ time in participating in the survey, which serves as the city’s service report card and assists in setting future priorities.