Perform (PE)

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The Perform (PE) system uses the city’s Strategic Plan to drive employees’ goals and automate the performance evaluation process. This page has been designed to provide resources and instructions to reference when working in Perform.

General Information & Resources

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Accessing NEOGOV off site
Flow Chart - Annual Evaluation Due Dates

Journal Entries

Journal entries are used to document performance notes for yourself and others. These entries are useful to reference throughout the evaluation cycle.

Journal Entries

Goal Setting

Goal setting takes place in June of each year. In addition, supervisors will set goals for new hires throughout the year.

Adding Individual Goals (for supervisors and employees)
Accessing Goals from a previous evaluation year (for supervisors and employees)
Watch Goal Management (supervisors)
Watch Goal Management (employees)
Updating Goal Progress – coming soon

Annual Mid-Year Evaluation

The annual mid-year evaluation takes place in October of each year.

Mid-Year Discussion (supervisors) – coming soon

Annual Evaluation

The annual evaluation step takes place March through April of each year.

Self-Evaluation – coming soon
Supervisor Rating – coming soon