Backflow Assembly Testers

Backflow Testing

Reporting Requirements:

  • All testing reports must be on a city approved form and shall contain the date of the test, name of tester, the tester's certification number and test results must be listed on each report. The city will not accept a failed testing report as a completed testing report
  • Testing shall be performed by a person who has been certified by an organization recognized by the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality.
    Download a list of approved & certified testers
  • Test reports for the annual recertification must be submitted within ten working days of the required renewal date.


  • The water customer at their own expense shall install or have installed an approved assembly at a location and in a manner in accordance with state rule, and all applicable local regulations. Backflow prevention assembly shall have an inspection and test performed on the device upon installation, annually or as requested by the city.

Tester Requirements:

An Approved Tester 

  • Valid city of Surprise business license
  • A valid Arizona Backflow Tester certification
  • Current test gauge calibration documentation
  • Proof of ownership of two test gauges, Proof of Insurance


  • Cross-connection control assembly are inspected and tested at time of installation, annually, and as requested by the city. All inspections shall be performed by a certified tester that is on the city's approved list of testers.
  • When a device has been removed or disconnected, inspection and testing must be performed by a certified tester that is on city's approved list of testers.

Reclaimed Water:

  • Tester Shall beware that reclaimed water backflow are used with the city of Surprise.
  • Potable water test kit is not to use on reclaimed water backflows.

Reclaimed Water Test KitReclaimed Water Test Kit

Potable Water Test KitPotable Water Test Kit