Restricted Parking Zones

A Restricted Parking Zone (RPZ) is a means of mitigating the unintended effects of significant parking by non-residents in a residential area. In order to establish an RPZ, generally, 75 percent of on-street spaces must be occupied, with at least 35 percent of those spaces used by non-resident vehicles. Additionally, a "parking generator" needs to be identified: an institution, a business district or transit service, causing the high amount of non-resident vehicles parking in the residential area.

In a RPZ, the City will order, install, and maintain the ‘No Parking’ signs at no cost to the residents. A RPZ petition would also be required and would need the approval from both the Traffic Engineer and the Surprise Police Department, and receive approval signatures by 80 percent of the homeowners in the identified area.

If an RPZ is created and after the placement of the ‘No Parking’ signs, vehicles parking along the street during the listed no parking times will be ticketed. Homeowners residing in the area will not be exempt from the ‘No Parking’ restrictions. 

The signs can be removed through the same petition process; the City reserves the right to remove the ‘No Parking’ signs for public safety reasons without notice.

To initiate the RPZ petition process, contact the City of Surprise Transportation Division at 623.222.6150 or