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What has 6 legs, 4 eyes and helps keep Surprise neighborhoods safer? A Dog Walker and his or her best friend!

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The National Association of Town Watch created the Dog Walker Watch program to teach dog walkers how to be community observers and report any suspicious behavior to local law enforcement. Dog walkers are often outside on foot which makes them amazing assets as the eyes and ears for their community.

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This includes looking out for:

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Dog Walker Watch is designed to be a non-aggressive crime fighting tool in our neighborhoods and parks, NOT one to intervene or stop crime.

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No signup is necessary and participation is as simple as taking a walk. You and your four legged friend can help keep our community safe! So go enjoy a walk and remember, IF YOU SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING!

For more information please contact the Surprise Police Department’s Community Relations and Crime Prevention Unit at 623-222-4422.

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