Litchfield Road

Litchfield Road Improvement

Project Scope:

In 2007 the city conducted an arterial capacity study that identified all of the major arterial roadways throughout the city that are not currently built to their ultimate condition. The goals of the Arterial Capacity Study are rooted in traffic safety and traffic congestion mitigation. Litchfield Road between Waddell Road and Peoria Avenue was identified within this study as being incomplete. Preliminary cost models and design plans have been prepared in anticipation of construction.

This project will deliver the full design and construction of Litchfield Road. This segment is the only remaining undeveloped section of Litchfield Road. Litchfield Road is almost at capacity based on its current configuration with over 14,200 vehicles per day. As the City of Surprise continues to grow and develop, Litchfield Road has the potential to become over saturated causing a possible rise in traffic congestion and safety issues. Litchfield Road is a primary ingress and egress corridor for the City of Surprise. Completion of this segment should reduce commute times, mitigate congestion and improve air quality.

Specific improvements within this segment of Litchfield Road will construct two additional travel lanes (for a total of four), provisions for drainage, sidewalks, bicycle lane, street lighting, and landscaping.

This project may be eligible for developer reimbursement due to the Municipal Code that requires private property developers to build the roadway fronting their property. Given the uncertain nature of the development timing and the immediate need to alleviate traffic congestion, it is the direct benefit of the traveling public to complete this project ahead of development. Further delays in completion of the roadway are anticipated to result in traffic congestion and safety concerns.

The maintenance of the roadway will not be a burden on the City’s General Fund or the Public Works Department. The City of Surprise currently maintains the existing half-street improvements, and the maintenance of the roadway will be accounted for in future budget.

The total approximate cost to design and build this project is $3.4 million.

This project supports the City of Surprise City Council’s Strategic Plan Transportation Goal 2 to improve internal circulation by completing missing and incomplete links in the arterial network in the city by building out half-built streets.

The completion of this roadway segment also achieves the goals and objectives outlined within the voter-approved General Plan, specifically section 3.0. Litchfield Road is a gateway entry into the City of Surprise. These improvements will improve accessibility of Surprise by eliminating areas that have multiple lanes merging into one lane. These improvements will also improve access to Veramonte Park directly adjacent to this segment of roadway.
Cost & Timeline
Project Cost: $3,400,000
Operational Cost: $21,100
Project Start: Winter 2018
Project Completion: Summer 2020

Litchfield Road between Waddell Road and Peoria Avenue
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Traffic Congestion Mitigation Roadway Improvements RFQ-318000115