Public Works Operations Facility

Public Works Operations Facility

Project Scope:

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This 44,000 square foot project will support public safety fleet maintenance and storage needs and consolidate Public Works Operations into one facility to aid in street maintenance, trash/recycling, traffic signal and citywide vehicle fleet operations efficiencies.

Based on facility master plan results, the city has identified appropriate space allocation for the city’s current needs and future growth through this project.

The Public Works Operations Facility, next to the water plant at Cactus and Litchfield roads, will include climate-controlled indoor space to maintain public safety and other city vehicles; a vehicle wash facility and fueling station; and space for parking and circulation. The facility will also include a training room, break room, and locker rooms.

The new facility will be placed on 14 acres at the city’s SPA1 South Water Reclamation Facility providing synergy and efficiencies with the city’s Water Resource Management team. This new facility is designed to accommodate the next 25 years of growth.

Currently, the Solid Waste and Street Maintenance divisions operate out of an industrial lot at 134th and Foxfire drives. This facility is currently over-programmed and is unable to expand to accommodate our current and future needs. A centralized facility will provide Solid Waste and Street Maintenance employees a more efficient and safe work environment.

By vacating this space, Surprise Police and Fire-Medical will be able to build a Public Safety Evidence & Readiness Center on site to support property/evidence and tactical equipment storage. 

This project would also allow the current police property & evidence facility (Litchfield, north of Bell Road) to repurpose into a police training facility that meets state police training requirements. 

What operations are included in this joint-use project?

The Solid Waste Division of Public Works operates the residential curbside garbage and recycling operation. Once a week, Surprise city sanitation customers receive each service. This division also offers bulk trash pickup to residents whose regular sanitation service is provided by the city. This division also manages biannual hazardous household waste collection events to divert hazards from our local landfill. The division also is responsible for educating residents, businesses, and children of Surprise on the importance of recycling and minimizing waste. The more the city can recycle, the lower the cost of sending items to the landfill. 

The Public Works Street Maintenance Division is responsible for the city’s street assets. This division manages the preservation of the roadways, sidewalks, drainage facilities, roadway landscaping, and signing and striping. This responsibility requires specialized skills, space and equipment in order to preserve and maintain our city’s aging infrastructure.

The current Public Works Vehicle Maintenance Facility, near Grand Avenue and Dysart Road, has been overcrowded and over-programmed for nearly 15 years raising efficiency and safety concerns.

The current facility is a pre-engineered metal building that has been expanded a number of times and is in a constant state of disrepair. This facility has six bays. Industry standards require 11 bays based on our current needs. The new facility will include up to 14 bays for the maintenance and repair of the light duty and heavy duty vehicles and equipment to meet industry standards.

The Public Works Vehicle Maintenance Division is responsible for the purchase, repair, maintenance and disposal of the city’s vehicles, equipment, and specialty tools. From fire trucks to lawn mowers, this division is responsible for ensuring that staff can safely rely on the vehicles utilized to conduct city business.

The Traffic Signal Maintenance operations will also be housed in this shared facility. The Traffic Signal Technicians ensure the safe and efficient operation of our traffic signals and Intelligent Transportation System infrastructure. The new facility will provide our technicians ample room for their maintenance, repair and replacement of tools and equipment for their current and future needs.

If approved, this new facility will bring together all of the satellite Public Works operations (as described above) along with the Water Resource Management operation thus creating an improved, cohesive, and resourceful environment.

The total cost to design and build this project is approximately $12 million. The city has already secured $7.2 million in impact fees and $200,000 in solid waste fees to cover the majority of the construction cost. The remaining $4.4 million would require bond approval by the voters.

This project supports the City of Surprise City Council’s Strategic Plan Public Safety Goal 2 to provide public safety workers with the tools and training necessary to meet community public safety needs; Goal 2a which enhances the effectiveness of Police training functions by expanding its infrastructure, including the capability to conduct scenario-based training; and Goal 2e which provides necessary resources that can include equipment and facilities for public safety service providers.

Cost & Timeline
Project Cost: $4,400,000
Operational Cost: $145,900*
Project Start: Winter 2018
Project Completion: Winter 2020
*Operating costs are net of current budgeted amounts.

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Public Works Operations Facility – RFQ 318000113

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