Fire Station 308

Fire Station 308 Project Render
STATUS: Completed

Project Scope:

To meet the growing service call demand, a new Fire Station 308 (FS 308) is proposed to be designed and built on city-owned land located on the southeast corner of Litchfield Road and Cactus Road.

A fire station’s “first due” service area is the land/geography within close proximity to the station. Each first due area is designed to meet the National Fire Protection Association’s standard (NFPA 1710) with emergency response times of six (6) minutes for EMS calls, and six (6) minutes, 20 seconds for fire calls. As growth comes into a station’s first due area, it can increase call volumes and negatively impact response times. Between 2010 and 2016, citywide emergency service calls to the Surprise Fire-Medical Department (SFMD) rose from 10,796 to 17,911 incidents, which is an increase of approximately 66 percent in six years.

In 2016, there were 1,548 calls for service in the future FS 308’s first due area. Currently, this area primarily receives service from two SFMD fire stations (FS 307 and FS 305) and the City of El Mirage Fire Department (FS 121). Of the 1,548 calls for service in the proposed FS 308’s first due area, Ladder 305 out of FS 305 responded to 565 emergency incidents with an average response time of 6 minutes and 47 seconds; Engine 307 out of FS 307 responded to 409 emergency incidents with an average response time of 7 minutes and 35 seconds; and the El Mirage Fire Department responded to 420 emergency incidents with an average response time of 7 minutes and 33 seconds. The remaining 154 calls were responded to by other stations or units that were closest and available at the time of the call. In the event of a life threatening emergency or structure fire, a longer travel distance for emergency responders may reduce effectiveness, efficiency, and outcomes.

Building FS 308 will lessen the burden on FS 305, which was the busiest Fire Company in Surprise in 2016. FS 305’s first due area is approximately nine square miles, encompasses the area around Surprise Stadium, and includes a population of approximately 15,000 Surprise residents. In 2016, FS 305’s ladder company responded to 3,145 emergency incidents both inside and outside of its first due area, which was an increase of eight percent over the year prior. In 2016, 2,968 emergency incidents occurred in FS 305’s first due area; however, Ladder 305 responded to only 1,750 of these incidents because the unit was responding to other emergency incidents at the time of the call. SFMD fire companies from each of the city’s fire stations were called to handle the other 1,218 emergency incidents in FS 305’s first due area. The ability of a fire company to handle emergency calls in its first due area, in which it is the closest fire station to the emergency, is called reliability. In the case of Ladder 305, the reliability for 2016 was 58 percent, which is consistent with the past several years and remains the lowest reliability of all seven SFMD fire stations.

With the addition of a new FS 308, Ladder 305 would experience a decrease in calls for service (estimated at approximately 500 fewer calls) because FS 308’s first due area would include 1.5 square miles that are currently serviced by Ladder 305. This is anticipated to result in an increase in Ladder 305’s overall reliability to an estimated 76 percent, and a decrease in emergency response times for Ladder 305, Engine 307, Engine 302, El Mirage FS 121, and the proposed first due area of FS 308.

The southeast portion of Surprise and the first due area of the future FS 308 continues to grow in terms of new homes and commercial businesses and manufacturers. Improved roadways, coupled with a railroad line that travels right through the area’s industrial park, have attracted large manufacturing businesses including IRIS USA, Gestamp Solar Steel and Brentwood Industries. Currently, Marley Park phase 3 and 4 are under construction, and a new charter school recently opened and is now in the process of adding a middle school.

FS 308 will be an approximate 14,000 square foot multi-bay facility that will house an Engine Company, Hazardous Materials Response Team and future ambulance. Additional project components include the purchase of a fire engine, the required furniture, fixtures, equipment, off site infrastructure improvements, and the facility design and permitting activities. Upon completion of construction, the City of Surprise will staff FS 308 out of the general fund with three captains, three engineers, nine firefighters, and one support staff.

The total approximate cost to design and build this project is $7.1 million.

This project supports the City of Surprise City Council’s Strategic Plan Public Safety Goal 3 to ensure timely and appropriate response times.
Cost & Timeline
Project Cost: $7,100,000
Operational Cost: $1,692,100
Project Start: Winter 2020
Project Completion: Summer 2021

Southeast corner of Litchfield Road and Cactus Road

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