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Fire Station 304 Project

Project Scope:

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To meet the growth needs in the city’s northern area, a permanent District Fire Station 304 is proposed to be designed and built along 163rd Avenue between Happy Valley Road and San Ysidro Road.

The Surprise Fire-Medical Department (SFMD) has been operating out of a temporary, modular facility in the area for approximately 14 years. This temporary facility was an interim solution to a permanent station, which allowed the city to secure three acres of property. The temporary facility has now overextended its useful life. Developers have plans to construct 17,821 homes in this service area and the temporary station is not equipped to support that growth.

A permanent facility will also improve the station’s onsite security. Currently, the station’s multiple fire apparatus and equipment are stored under an open-air steel structure that affords protection from direct sunlight, but not temperature extremes, wind and dust, and possible criminal activity.

The current facility does not meet certain Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) recommendations, including providing specific areas to store and decontaminate personal protective equipment (NFPA 1500, 1851). The temporary facility does not provide adequate space for fire turn-out gear, physical fitness equipment and ice storage.

A fire station’s “first due” service area is the land/geography within close proximity to the station. Each first due area is designed to meet the National Fire Protection Association’s standard (NFPA 1710) with emergency response times of six (6) minutes for EMS calls, and six (6) minutes, 20 seconds for fire calls. As growth comes into a station’s first due area, it can increase call volumes and negatively impact response times. Between 2010 and 2016, citywide emergency service calls to the Surprise Fire-Medical Department (SFMD) rose from 10,796 to 17,911 incidents, which is an increase of approximately 66 percent in six years.

Fire Station 304 will allow the SFMD to increase service levels, as planned growth dictates, to maintain adequate response times. This 18,000 square foot permanent station will be designed with multiple bays to accommodate an Engine, Ladder Company, Ambulance and a Battalion Chief. Initially, the new station will house the existing single engine and crew.

The new Fire Station will also require off-site improvements such as median improvements, sewer line extension, APS power extension, and a new traffic signal. Additional fire station features will include the required furniture, fixtures, equipment and a new fuel island.

The total approximate cost to design and build this project is $8.6 million.

This project supports the City of Surprise City Council’s Strategic Plan Public Safety Goal 3 to ensure timely and appropriate response times.

Cost & Timeline
Project Cost: $8,600,000
Operational Cost: $85,500*
Project Start: Winter 2018
Project Completion: Winter 2021
*Operating costs are net of current budgeted amounts.

163rd Avenue between Happy Valley and San Ysidro Roads

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Fire Stations 304 & 308 Professional Services - RFQ 318000114

Previous Fire Station 304

Outside image for the temporary Fire Station 304